Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our Word For 2013

Last year, I was inspired my Vanessa's idea to focus on a word in lieu of a New
Year's resolution.  Our word was "grow" and we seriously put it to good use.  We 
grew financially by creating a reasonable budget and sticking to it.  We grew in our 
health habits by eating clean and working out at least 3 times a week.  The real growth 
came after Shawn's accident, though.  We realized how strong we actually are, grew in 
our love and appreciation for each other.  We grew in our faith and became more 
inspired than ever before.
After a long six months, we are determined to get our groove back in 2013.  
This year, our word is "rebuild".
1.  We hope to continue rebuilding our finances.  By sticking to a consistent monthly
budget, doing away with all credit cards, and paying off our medical bills, we can ensure
that we're not just working to pay bills: we are working to save money and
spend responsibly.  We recently traded in our big gas guzzling GMC truck for a Toyota
Prius and love it!  Not only did we reduce our monthly car payment but we are saving
a fortune on gas money.  We are currently in the process of refinancing our house,
taking advantage of the currently low interest rates to reduce our monthly
mortgage payment.  The money we are saving by reducing our car payment, gas
mileage, and mortgage is considerable.  This extra dough will be going straight to savings
for future emergencies, travel, and the occasional fun splurge.  By paying off debt,
reducing our monthly spending, and improving our credit scores, we will be on a
positive road to financial freedom in 2013.
2.  We hope to rebuild our hobbies and social life.  We've been lying low the last few
months, really low, but our adventurous spirits are itching to be set free.  This year, we
hope to get back into the big bright world better than ever.  I have a few adventures in
mind like another trip to the beach, a camping trip or two, and fun little day trips as a
family.  We plan to rebuild our creative interests: more scrapbooking and journaling,
photo projects, and DIY home improvements.  I am so excited to get back into the
things that make us smile.
3.  This year, we are rebuilding our future.  Our long term goals have changed, the plans
we once had have been modified.  Because of his injuries, Shawn will never be able to work
in his field again, the damage in his left hand is too severe and has rendered him unable
to perform his job the way that he used to.  We've had time to mourn this fact,
we've processed it and accepted the reality that Shawn must start over professionally
and find a new path.  Now, as we look forward, we are excited that he has been given
this opportunity, this second chance.  This year, Shawn will rebuild his future by going
back to school and fostering his passion for helping and counseling those in need.  This
year, he will begin his journey to become a social worker.  I believe with every fiber of
my being that all of this happened for a reason, that Shawn was meant to do
something different than what he was doing.  Years from now, I believe that we will
look back and realize that if the accident had not happened, then certain other
key components of our lives would not have taken form.  It's all part of a circle, a series
of actions put into place to create something amazing.  I can't wait to see what is
in store.
4.  This year, we hope to continue rebuilding our emotional strength and health.  We
have come so far as a family and I can only hope that we continue to grow.  I can't
imagine living my life with anyone else other than Shawn, Belle, and Brees by my side.
I hope to live each day to its fullest this year, enjoying each season and learning every step
of the way.  The rebuilding process is long and arduous at times, it can be a bit daunting if
I look too far ahead.  But it is exciting as well, inspiring to think of what lies ahead.
Here's to you, 2013, a year hopefully filled with peace, love, and serenity.

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Caitlin A. said...

Beautiful post, beautifully written :) As always I'm hoping for the best for you guys. <3

Vanessa said...

"Years from now, I believe that we will look back and realize that if the accident had not happened, then certain other
key components of our lives would not have taken form."

^^ Beautifully said.

Sara said...

Wonderful word and wonderful post. You all are going to rock this year, I just know it!

Randalin said...

This is such a perfect word for your family. I think you've already been doing a lot of rebuilding and so I can only imagine what you're going to accomplish in 2013!

Kate said...

I love this idea - thinking I may have to think up a word for our 2013! xo

Lucy The Valiant said...

Rebuild is such a perfect word for your family this year! And I love that he's going to become a social worker now!

Anonymous said...

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Kara Motts said...

You are so inspiring. I love that Shawn will become a social worker - perfect job for a strong man like him! I'm excited to hear more about the changes you are making. Hugs to you!!

Olivia said...

Thank you!!! We are so excited! God is truly taking the lead right now!

Olivia said...

Oh me, too!!! It is such a new and exciting path!

Olivia said...

It is so inspiring! There are so many ways you can grow using just one simple word!

Olivia said...

We are so excited! I really feel like we are on a new and exciting journey!

Olivia said...

Thank you friend! I hope so!

Olivia said...

Thank you! We have learned so many lessons through this!

Olivia said...

Thank you friend!

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