Thursday, January 3, 2013

Magical Morning

I woke up very early on Christmas morning, eager to get dinner started so that I could
spend time with the girls and all their new toys.  I made a honey glazed ham, green
bean casserole, cornbread dressing, and homemade macaroni and cheese.  I had coffee
ready and the tea kettle whistling, cinnamon rolls in the oven and "Miracle On 34th
Street" playing by the time everyone made their way down the stairs.  Isabelle dove
into Christmas morning head first, her little girl squeals echoing through the house.
Brees was a sleepy little baby, snuggling up close until she noticed the big car with the
red bow on it waiting for her under the tree.  She screamed, jumped into the driver's
seat, and took off for a wild ride around the house.  She kept herself so busy with her new
car that she didn't bother opening any of her other presents for the next hour or so.  We
took our time, opening gifts, eating breakfast, enjoying our morning together.  Despite
the fact that I ordered everyone NOT to buy me any gifts, Shawn gave me the
most beautiful watch.  He got extra kisses under the mistletoe for that sweet surprise.
Our family started trickling in mid-morning, the kids showing each other their gifts
and swapping candy.  It was such a great day, a day where I looked around the table and
felt so grateful for all the love we have in our lives.  There was so much laughter, good
food and treats around every corner.  Belle even lent me her angel halo to wear: "You're
an angel today, Mama".
This year, Christmas was a little bit smaller than we are used to.  Our gatherings were a
little more intimate, everything moving just a little bit slower.  After the year we've had,
it seemed fitting that we should trade in the usual big parties for more low key
affairs, enabling us to spend time with each other and really drink in the moment.  It was
a magical, spiritual week and the perfect end to 2012.
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Wendy said...

I'm impressed that you got up before everyone on Christmas. I always intend to do that so I can get breakfast started (that's the big meal that I host each year) but sleep always wins. It looks like your girls had a really wonderful Christmas.

Sara said...

Sounds like you were an angel, she was right! :)

Olivia said...

Waking up sucks but it saves me so much time and stress if I get up before everyone is. I make myself, even though the first 10 minutes are miserable!

Olivia said...

I have my moments:)