Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordful Wednesday: October

The weather is finally turning, the temperature creeping down into the lower 70's.  The 
trees are changing colors ever so slightly and signs of fall are peaking in around every 
corner.  In Louisiana, the first weekend of October is sure to bring you two things: gumbo 
and squirrel season.  The family gathers together under a designated porch and feasts 
on chicken and sausage gumbo: a recipe perfected by generations of Cajun relatives.  The 
men spend their days in the woods, clad in camo and armed with their rifles, hunting season 
in full swing as they proudly bring their daily kill home to the family.  The sounds of LSU 
and New Orleans Saints football serves as the perfect background noise over the loud roar 
that is our family conversation.  Children buzz around the yard with a renewed sense of 
energy thanks to the lack of scorching summer heat.  We pick pecans and store them in 
5 gallon buckets, sell them to the produce store in town for a little extra money.  But 
there's always one bucket left behind to make our favorite pecan pie.  Colorful mums line 
the back porch while pumpkins and pinecones serve as tabletop decor.  The whole feel of 
the house is changing as we sleep with the windows open and the smell of cinnamon 
and pumpkin spice fills the air.  The first weekend in October was good to us this year.  
We made some lovely new memories to store away and treasure always. 

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Deanna Fike said...

oh my gosh, i was cracking up at brees in her little hat. :)

Stacy said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! :)

A Foggy Start to Fall

Amy said...

Such great photos to capture Fall!

Caitlin A. said...

I love the girls' hats! So adorable :)

Posh on a Budget said...

That looks amazing!

parentingbydummies said...

You just reminded me that we need to get to the pumpkin patch soon! October is slipping away! Cute photos too.

Lauren said...

Hello! New follower here, found you via My Little Loves. I loved your 'about me' and think we may actually have quite a bit in common. Your kids are adorable ;) I'll be back!

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Olivia said...

Thank you and welcome!! I love meeting new friends here!!

Olivia said...

Thank you! It's hard to believe October is halfway over!!

Olivia said...

Thank you:)

Olivia said...

They are so cute, right? Brees' hat cracks me up every time!

Olivia said...

Thank you! We don't get much fall here in Louisiana so we get REALLY excited about it!

Olivia said...

Thank you! It was a great weekend!

Olivia said...

Is that hysterical or what?! Can you really do that to your kid with big cheeks?

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