Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordful Wednesday: Halloween

We started Halloween off right this year with my cousin April's second annual holiday
bash!  Being an elementary school teacher makes my beautiful cousin the hostess with
the mostest as she knows exactly how to entertain our kids and give them a night
to remember forever.  She turned her home into a spooktacular venue and served the
most delicious treats.  We feasted on chili and more candy than I care to admit, jumped
in the Spiderman jumper, baked pumpkin cookies, and did the Monster Mash on the
back porch.  A few things to remember from all the ghost and goblin fun:
1.  Brees hates all things Halloween and becomes a Stage IV Clinger at the sight of
anything  jack'o'lantern related.  I was not aware of her extreme vampire/Spiderman/orange lights/skeleton/pretty much anything else you can think
of aversion until we showed up at the party and she lost her mind.  The poor little love
spent the ENTIRE party in my arms with her thumb in her mouth and her legs
wrapped around me in a vice grip.  No matter how much we bribed her with cookies
and other goodies (what responsible moms we are), she would not budge.  Treat or
treating should be a BLAST this year!
2.  If either of my children scores some M&Ms Candy Corn White Chocolate Candies
this year in their Halloween baskets, no promises can be made on whether or not
said candies shall be present in the morning.  Mama needs a little treat now and then,
3.  When your 8 year old decides to steal your makeup to vamp up her costume, make
sure she isn't using your long last red lip stain.  On her cheeks because she thought it
was blush. Ever.
Happy Halloween!!!
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marie said...

Poor little Brees..........I am sure she was safe in the arms of her mama. Lovely photos and once again wonderful memories.
Much love. xx

secret mom thoughts said...

Looks like a great party!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Oh man you guys know how to do Halloween partying right! And thanks for the tip on the long-last lipstick. ;)

Zelda the Bored Statue Kitty

Caitlin A. said...

HAHAHAHA that little girl in the last picture made me laugh out loud! And I'm with Brees, Halloween can be pretty terrifying.

Sofia Byrd said...

You guys surely know how to have a fun Halloween!!

Olivia said...

We love it!! And my cousin is so creative and crafty, you deserves all the credit!

Olivia said...

Sarah is one of my favorite people on this planet, she's hilarious! Poor Brees, she even covers her eyes when a Halloween commercial comes on TV!

Olivia said...

HAHA, I wanted to throw that lipstick as far away from this house as possible!!!!

Olivia said...

Thank you:)

Olivia said...

She was so pitiful, marie!!! A million kisses for that little girl!