Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Where Ever You Go

Watching my girls grow up and accomplish milestones both big and small has been
an inspiring journey for me so far.  The looks on their faces when they know that
their parents are fully engaged and cheering them on is priceless, it's a pure joy that I
wish I could bottle up and save forever.  I miss out on so much of their lives when I leave
and head out for work everyday, kissing Belle goodbye at the bus stop and
reluctantly dropping Brees off at the sitter.  The working mother guilt is an emotion
that never really seems to go away, not even on my good days.  And so I jump into
my motherhood role on my off time with reckless abandon, savoring every moment,
every request, every step we walk together.  I appreciate our time and live it to the
fullest, knowing how much it means to them as well.
Friday night was one of those small milestones that we celebrated big: Isabelle
participated in a week long cheerleading camp at our local high school and was able to
cheer and dance with the senior cheerleaders.  We made a huge fuss about it: took a
million pictures, sat front and center in the bleachers, whooped and hollered until we
were hoarse as she did her thing.  She was adorable, completely in her element, smiling
that megawatt smile every time someone told her how much she looks like her mama.
It was a great night to catch up with some of my old high school classmates, to
reminisce about the countless amount of Friday nights I spent on those same side
lines, dancing and cheering as a Panthorette.  
Isabelle has most of my old dance costumes in her dress up trunk and she loves to ask
me the story behind each one: "Where did you wear this one, Mama?  What song did
you dance to in this one?"  I catch her in the mirror sometimes, flipping her hair and
twirling around in the silver sequins that were my second skin.  Seeing yourself in your
child: it is surreal.  I am so completely grateful to have a daughter to cheer on and
support, the same way my mama always did for me.  She's already asked us if she can
do cheer camp again next year and we wholeheartedly agreed.  We'll be there, tiny
dancer, we'll go where ever you go.

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Deanna Fike said...

i went to cheer came when i was around belle's age...and i loved it. way to go, belle! i love that picture of her holding one of the younger girls. :)

Ashley said...

Oh my? Do you remember us on that same field!!?? Pretty amazing that Belle got a piece of 'the feeling' while being out there. She looks like she enjoyed it and it probably took little effort to play that part! Never thought Id see a family picture of yall on that field!! I love it!

Caitlin A. said...

Gah! You can see how excited she is in these pictures :)

Autumn said...

Oh look at what a cutie! And love the Dad and baby shot- adoring fans.

Olivia said...

So sweet, right? Love cheering for our big girl!

Olivia said...

I know!! Totally in her element!

Olivia said...

Ashley: I was having flashbacks all night! So many great memories on that field, most of them involving you!!! Love you sister!

Olivia said...

So sweet! She had the best time and there's nothing better than watching your kid enjoy themselves doing something they love!