Friday, April 20, 2012

This Week's Favorites

Favorite photo...

Favorite recipe...
Favorite links...
Are you as devastated by the end of Picnik as I am?  Check out iPiccy.  It has most of 
the same, easy to use features as Picnik and makes me feel a tad bit better about losing 
one of my favorite websites.
A list of mosquito repelling plants: very useful as summer quickly approaches!  I put 
this article to good use this week and filled three large planters full of these plants.  
If anything, our patio is looking green and beautiful!
A list of ways to build your daughter's self esteem.
An amazing adventure to celebrate the great outdoors.  If anyone would like to take 
this challenge on, email or comment me and we can embark on this journey together!
An insightful, practical post on how to lose the baby weight, or any weight for that 
matter.  Words to live by: "The human body will take care of itself, if you take care 
of the body".
Two blogs I am loving at the moment here and here.
Favorite moment...
On Wednesday, I was able to finish my workday by noon.  Belle was at school, Shawn 
was working, and our babysitter texted me to say that Brees had just gone down for her 
nap after a cranky morning.  I decided to blow off a few hours before picking the girls 
up, skipping my afternoon workout and instead grabbing a chai tea latte and a new
 book.  After sitting outside and enjoying a few chapters, I headed to my favorite nursery 
and walked around, admiring the beautiful plants, talking to the sweet little old lady who 
runs the register, comparing notes with the other costumers about our gardens so far.  I 
took my sweet time, picking up an aloe vera plant and some extra mulch.  After 
browsing through each and every aisle, I sat on the swing outside the nursery and caught 
up on a few phone calls, chatting with my girlfriends, catching up on life.  It was such a 
nice afternoon, so lazy and slow, so simple.  I drove home with my windows down, 
Of Monsters and Men blaring on the stereo.  I was so refreshed and excited to get home 
to my family.  And so thankful for a quiet, peaceful afternoon to myself.    

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Marie V said...

Love this photo and this special moment of yours! It's good sometime to have time for yourself, relax and recharge. 
Have a peaceful and beautiful week-end!

Kathleencc said...

Hello! Just found your blog and I really like it! Your photos are really pretty and I love your thoughts on life and motherhood!

Sara said...

You make me so happy. That's all. <3

Olivia said...

It really is, Marie.  Those moments are few and far between but they are so refreshing!

Olivia said...

Thank you so much!!  Hope you are having a great weekend!!

Olivia said...

Right back atcha, pretty lady!