Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend: Part 2

On Easter morning, the girls woke up and found pretty baskets left by the Easter 
Bunny.  They each got a few special treats: coloring books, bubbles, and stuffed bunnies.  
My mother and I had been awake since 4 am, cooking and preparing for the big dinner 
I hosted for our family.  After most of the preparations were done, we put Brees down 
for a morning nap and Isabelle and I went to mass, just the two of us.  With all the craziness 
of the weekend, it was a very special moment to sit with my daughter and reflect on the 
true meaning of this season, to be present in prayer and share that special time with her.  
We made it home in time to welcome all our aunts, uncles, and cousins and enjoyed a long 
day together celebrating this special occasion.  We had an Easter egg hunt in the back 
yard, walked deep into my garden for a family photo shoot, had an egg toss contest, 
and enjoyed a serious egg pacquing contest.  Dinner included backed ham, roasted 
brisket, home made macaroni and cheese, Cajun "dirty rice", fresh sweet potatoes grown 
on a farm next door to  us, and egg salad, of course.  The women gathered in the kitchen 
to make coffee and wash dishes while the children set up their very own magic show, 
which they so graciously performed for us.  It was a day rich in tradition, customs 
practiced by my family for generations as far back as I can count.  The only thing missing 
was my sweet, loving husband: so selflessly hard at work.  He returned home 
on Tuesday, thank God, to three happy girls and a million hugs and kisses.  We had a 
huge basket waiting on him with all his favorite treats.  A perfect weekend made even 
more so by his return.

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1 comment:

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

you look beautiful! the color of your dress looks amazing on you. :)

i got a giggle looking at the girls' baskets and how they were identical. looks like a scene from our easter morning, only with boys. :)