Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break

This week has been a spring break heaven.  Isabelle has been out of school and is on 
break from all of her extracurricular activities.  No waking up early to catch the school bus, 
no sitting around the kitchen table with a big stack of homework, no rushing to and fro: 
just being together and enjoying the outdoors.  Because my work schedule is so flexible, 
I've been able to take advantage of this time and get an extra hour of sleep each 
morning, making my girls pancake breakfasts and having extra snuggles in bed.  The 
only rushing I've been doing is rushing home to play outside, tearing off my scrubs 
and throwing on my favorite jean shorts and flip flops.  We've enjoyed many bike 
rides, trimmed the rose bushes, made mud pies, and enjoyed supper on the back porch 
every single night.  

I remember being little and waiting for my mom to get home from work so that I could 
jump into her arms, tell her all about my day, follow her around like a little duck.  I 
remember burying my head into her neck and the smell of her scrubs, listening to her 
stories about the patients she had cared for that day.  And now I am a mama and my girls 
are burying their love in me, giving me their hearts when they squeal in delight at the sight 
of my car in the driveway.  The love that started with a young boy and a free spirited girl 
has now grown into a family, a true blessing in every way.  Waking up to the sounds 
of giggling girls who crawled into bed with their mama and daddy, starting our day as a 
family and ending it in prayers of thanks: for these things I am so grateful.

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Anonymous said...

As always it is such a pleasure to read you Olivia. I can imagine the delight to get home and spend this time with your girls. Just be there.These family moments are so precious.

Have a fabulous Easter Week-end. Much love and kisses to all. Marie

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

glad your family has had such an awesome spring break! i love the last couple of shots of your girls. :)

Nessa Bixler said...

Hooray for spring break! Love the the little ducks image - perfect.

Hilary@BabyMooHoo said...

so sweet!

i am totally jealous of your warm spring evenings... we're freezing up here in the northeast! i know you'll be wishing for cooler days this summer, but right now i am dyingggg for some warm suppertimes on our back porch!