Sunday, April 1, 2012

Steppin' Out Saturday

Saturday was a laid back, BBQ with family and run through the yard in bare feet kind 
of affair.  I was on call and had to leave for part of the day to check on patients, 
making rounds and mending little problems.  I made it home just in time to catch my 
little girls waking from their naps, looking so sweet and rested and happy to be home on
 this lovely weekend.  We got dressed and spent the evening at my aunt's house, filling 
our bellies with good food on her porch overlooking the bayou.  It was a sweet, relaxing 
night in the country: watching the cousins play baseball in the pasture, listening to the 
men talk about fishing, rocking my baby to sleep with a cicada lullaby singing softly in
 the background.

Mama>>Linen pants and top: Old Navy//Sandals: AE
Belle>>Skirt and top: Old Navy
Brees>>Top and bloomers: Hand me downs from ME!!

The top and bloomers that Brees wore on Saturday were hand made by my mama and 
worn by little baby Liv way back in 1980.  Also, these photos made me giggle as I 
realized that some little lady has been watching her big sister and learning the fine art 
of posing.  What a couple of hams...

pleated poppy

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DaisyBean said...

I'm an avid reader, but haven't ever commented. I love your uplifting posts and positive outlook on life! Just wanted to say I love both girls outfits! So sweet! :)

MJ said...

your girls are adorable. belle's quite the model :)

ashley said...

that 2nd picture? the open back criss cross top? your pants? this post is full of adorable win.

Little Gray Pixel said...

I was going to comment on how awesome Brees' outfit was, and then you mentioned it used to be yours and that your mom made it. Wow. So special!

amy@agoodlife said...

sounds like so much fun! can't wait til the day of bbq's hits here! except that happens around june/july. boo.

you guys look adorable!! so much cuteness in this post :)