Thursday, March 8, 2012


I read this passage from "The Survival of the Soul" by Lisa Williams recently:
"As earthly humans, we are always looking for ways to make our life better and searching 
for what we think is lacking.  The grass may look greener on someone else's lawn, but often 
it is not.  The truth is whatever you have at this particular moment is exactly what you 
were meant to have.  When you are able to embrace the reality that in any given moment 
you have everything you need, you'll find a way to be happy with what you have...Life 
is about having love in your heart and that comes from accepting that you have the perfect 
lot in life for you-regardless of what it is."
This passage has been speaking to me for days, I think I've reread it a hundred times.  I am
a born go-getter, overachiever, list maker, planner, and organizer.  I thrive on looking
ahead, formulating a plan, and then challenging myself to accomplish whatever I set my
mind to.  The problem with all this tenacity, however, is that I often forget to just breath
and enjoy what I've done, I instantly start looking ahead to what's next.  But these
words made me stand still for a moment, made me take inventory of what is, RIGHT 
NOW.  Not what I'm working towards tomorrow, what I hope to find, hope to be, dream
of doing.  What is happening NOW.
I firmly believe that God provides us with what we need in any given moment: the
right people to support and love us, the knowledge and courage to navigate through
each situation, the financial means and job security to survive.  There have been
many different times in my life where I have worried, wondered, stressed in the not
knowing.  Surviving and struggling and attempting to make something out of
desperate situations.  And every single time, I have come out swinging.  The tools I
needed were there, things miraculously worked out.  I know that my determination is a
direct result of the struggle, I am strong because I have had to fight.  But I also recognize
that it's time to let some of that go, it's time to let my faith sink way down deep inside
my bones and really allow myself the space to breath.  No matter what happens,
everything will be okay because I have everything I need RIGHT NOW.  If the bottom
falls out, we'll swim our way right back to the top using our love, our fighting spirits,
our faith.
This is what I am reflecting on today, what's been written on my heart.  Life is such a
delicate balance and I often find myself wondering if I am giving enough of myself to the
right people, putting the right amount of energy into what's important.  Sometimes I
think these reflections come at just the right time, preparing me for something just
around the corner.  Other times, I think it's just a way of connecting with someone who
may be struggling themselves.  Whatever the case may be today, I hope that this passage
can bring you as much peace as it has given me.

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Anonymous said...

You can't even think how this message is gold for me Olivia.
I too look ahead, I worry about all the things that can happen, understand happiness won't last forever.
Your words are calming and wise. They show me I have all I need NOW. Tomorrow might be challenging, I will face it.
Thank you. And have a lovely day! xo

Sarbear said...

This passage is powerful. I am printing it out and hanging it on my mirror tonight. So often I get caught up in things as well, or feel bummed about the current state of things, but I really do want to focus more on the positive and loving life as is, regardless of anything that is going on. Thanks for sharing this friend.

amy@agoodlife said...

i cannot hear this enough. living IN the moment is so hard... especially when it seems like we're just constantly struggling to stay on top of things, how are we not supposed to think about the next thing on the horizon? but it absolutely terrifies me to know that someday i will look back & just wonder where all these days went & why was i not stopping to enjoy them more?

Lora said...

really really good. thanks so much, liv. i needed to hear this today! :) lora