Thursday, March 29, 2012

Please Help an UN-crafty Mama

Dear readers,
I need your help.  I am hopelessly UN-crafty.  For Isabelle's 8th birthday next month, she 
is hosting her very first slumber party with all her girlfriends.  I have lots of 
activities planned: outdoor games, a pinata, a baking project.  But, she has requested we 
do a craft, something the girls can each take home with them as a special memento from 
their night.  Any suggestions?  The blogging world is so full of creative people, I just know 
that some of you ladies can give me a few ideas on something appropriate for 7-8 year 
old girls.  You can either link up a post in the comments section, email me 
at vasqueztribe@yahoo, or just comment me directly.  I will run all of your ideas by 
my big birthday girl and the winning idea will be featured in my first (and most likely 
only) "look at this craft we made" post!!
Thank you and love you and you are all awesome,


Lucy The Valiant said...

You can do it! What about tie-dying or decorating t-shirts? OR, we did a girl's lock-in last year where the girls each got a cheap little wooden jewelry box (like a dollar at Hobby Lobby) and we sat around and covered the boxes with mod-podge and scrapbook paper and pictures, then hot-glued on rhinestones and stuff. They had a LOT of fun with it!

Hilary@BabyMooHoo said...

so fun! belle is lucky to have such a thoughtful mama.

some ideas:

* use your green thumb! the girls could decorate little ceramic pots & plant some seedlings to bring home and tend this summer.

* simple jewelry making--stringing beads (especially the ones with letters so they could spell out their names) is always a hit with little girls.

* get some craft foam & wooden dowels & print off a few few funny photobooth prop templates (mustaches, glasses, oversized lips, etc.) and let the girls trace & cut out their favorites. hot glue or tape them to the dowels, and have a little photo shoot with the finished products. i bet their mamas would love to have a funny photo or two of their night, and they'd each get to keep their props.

good luck!! can't wait to hear how it goes :)

Kelley, Brendan and Baby Brix said...

What about a "Photo Booth"? You could put a cute sheet up as a backdrop, get some cute, girly props for the girls to play with and then just snap pictures of them.

Have Belle take a picture with each girl individually, get them developed, pop them in a cute frame and you can give them out along with thank you cards.

It might be delayed gratification, but a nice (and fun) memory!

Jessica said...

For my daughters 9thb-day. I bought cheap pillow cases, stick on letters (like the ones you put on your mail box) and spray paint. With the letters I cut out each girls name (trimmed the white off) and pre placed them on the pillow cases, I had a ton of spray paint and each girl was able to spray paint their oillow case however they wanted. When the paint dried I just pilled off the name stickers. and they each had alittle something to take home and use. This year, the moms told me each girl still has their pillowcase on their bed.

Buy cheap cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby (each girls inital), and have the girls decorate their letter with jewels and glitter.

Little Gray Pixel said...

Friendship bracelets!

They're the perfect age. You just buy a bunch of different colored threads and let them have at it. I think you can even find a friendship bracelet book at the craft store so they can get ideas on how to make different kinds, but the easiest to teach them is the simple braid. You can do it, mama!

pumpkinspatchesnpics said...

Hi Liv,
How about teaching them to make an orgami box? They are sooo cute, I am actually doing this project for a group of Girl Scouts around that same age. All you need is paper and the "how to" guide which I can send you and you can have them make bracelets and then
have a cute box to put it in when they take it off. Just a thought.
Also Liv, to go along with your baking theme, have them decorate aprons with markers, glue, glitter, buttons. etc. to wear while "helping" and then they can take those home to help "cook" at home as well.