Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Song

This weekend was lovely, slow and sunny and full of family time.  On Saturday, Brees was 
up at the crack of dawn, ready to start our weekend with the roosters.  We decided to 
let Shawn and Belle sleep in, grabbing a quick breakfast and heading into town to visit a 
local nursery.  I filled our cart with herbs and a few more plants for the girls' flower garden 
as Brees visited with all the other early morning gardening enthusiasts.  Waking up early
 is not so bad when you have such lovely company, such beautiful weather.
We spent the remainder of our weekend outside: working in the garden, playing with 
the dogs, riding bikes, sunbathing.  After a big Sunday dinner at my mom's house, the 
girls went down for naps and Shawn and I listened to music on the patio.  Weekends like 
this make me thankful, give me peace in my heart.  I found myself whispering prayers 
of thanks under my breathe, thanking God for the gift of family, love, health, a life we can 
be proud of.  Life is a beautiful song worth singing at the top of your lungs.  
I am so thankful for these days. 

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Anonymous said...

I love your song Olivia, one I can listen to every morning, I can indulge in.
Have a beautiful day! And keep writing, keep enchanting my world!xx

Randalin. said...

We had some unseasonably warm weather last week that left me yearning for more. Now we're back to normal temperatures. *Sigh*

Love the last picture :)

Jess Judkins said...

Looks like the perfect morning to me :-)
We had hopefully our last freeze a few days ago, now I am ready to plant some flowers this weekend