Thursday, March 1, 2012

11 Things on a Sick Day

Remember my last post where I pumped my fist in the face of illness, got dressed, and
was bound and determined to pretend I wasn't sick?  Well, my body had other plans.
Since Saturday evening, I have been seriously under the weather with a pretty awful
cold turned sinus infection.  My tips on natural cold remedies came in handy and I've
been nursing myself with hot tea, Vick's Vapo Rub, and as much rest as a mama of two
who works full time possibly can.  It's been a long 5 days and I am just now starting to
feel human again.
Kelly tagged me in her 11 things post and I thought it was a great way to get my
slacker blogging butt back in gear.  Here's to more energy and
less germs!
1. You must post these rules
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random bit of info about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Let the people know you've tagged them!

1.  I am Type A all the way.  I love things clean, neat, and organized.  I like to have a
flexible plan for each day and keep a pretty good routine and flow.  I make lists, dream
up goals, and carry a day planner.  That's not to say I'm not creative and spontaneous: I
am.  But I like to be prepared and put together, it makes my soul feel rested.
2.  I enjoy alone time.  My husband has a job where he works away for part of the month.
At first, it was a very hard adjustment getting used to being on my own.  Over the 
years, however, I have learned to appreciate those moments of being on my own 
two feet, spending time doing things I love.  Learning to be comfortable on my own has 
made me a stronger person and actually strengthened our marriage.
3.  I smoked cigarettes for 8 years, Camel Lights to be specific.  I also drank about 4-6 cups
of coffee a day.  One morning, after not feeling so well for about a week, I decided to
take a pregnancy test.  I went to the pharmacy, picked up a test, and then sat on my
back porch with a cigarette and a cup of coffee, enjoying them both slowly as if I was
saying goodbye to two best friends.  Turns out, I WAS saying goodbye.  Ten minutes
later I found out I was pregnant with Isabelle.  I have not had a cigarette or cup of
coffee since.
4.  I did not get my driver's license until I was 22 years old and I have only owned 2 cars
in my whole life, including the one I drive now.  My parents were really strict about
me driving in high school (meaning they didn't let me) and then I moved to Japan where
we just used public transportation.  When I got out of the Navy, Shawn and I moved to
New Orleans, LA and I got my first car.  I taught myself how to drive in that crazy, one
way street only city.  Let's just say NO ONE wanted to ride with me for a very
long time.
5.  Even though it's been a while what with all the baby making and breastfeeding going
on around here, I can drink like a grown man.  Beer is my potion of choice, particularly
Abita Amber and Blue Moon.  I am always the last person up, knocking them back,
leading the pack.  Being in the Navy really taught me some valuable life skills like
how to drink for 12 hours straight and still maintain...
6.  I am a positive person.  I don't believe in getting down and out and giving up.  We all
have the power to create and live our own destiny, no matter the circumstance.  Life has
dealt me some pretty debilitating blows but I have learned to get right back up, stay in
the ring, and forge through another round.  
7.  I want more babies.  Like at least 2 more.  Shawn's willing to go for at least 1 more.
We'll see what happens.
8.  Our family is really affectionate.  We all speak the same love language in that we
crave physical affection.  After 12 years together, Shawn and I still hold hands, kiss and
hug, wrap our arms around each other every chance we get.  We know how much those
small actions mean to each other and so we don't hold back.  
9.  I am not afraid to admit that I am cheesy.  I am a hopeless romantic, I am obsessed
with stories about vampires, I am loud and smile really big.  Life is too short to play it
safe and be cool.  
10.  I am too cheap to buy a nice "smart" phone.  I don't want to pay the extra fee to
have internet service on my phone.  I know that I will eventually cave, but for now my
overly practical, cost efficient brain just won't let me.  I work hard for my money and
I squirrel it away as much as possible.  I pack my lunch for work every single day,
carry a water canteen with me everywhere I go, and bring an insulated mug of tea to
work so that I don't have to buy those little extras.  I want to retire at a young age
and making those little sacrifices will eventually pay off.
11.  I was born and raised Catholic.  Though we still attend Catholic mass and Isabelle
attends Catholic school, I disagree with many, many elements of the religion.  Many
people have asked me why I don't just switch religions and find one that better supports
my views.  To put it simply, here in the South, for a Cajun person, Catholicism is just as
much a part of our culture as it is our spirituality.  It's not just something you can walk
away from. It's in our genes, our blood lines, and the traditions and ceremonies are tied
into everything I know to be true.  And so I chose to believe what I believe in my heart
but celebrate my spirituality in the church I've attended since I was a baby.  It may
sound strange and conflicting.  Trust me: it is.
Questions from Kelly:
1.  What natural disaster freaks you out the most?
As someone who has lived most of their life in Louisiana, the answer is pretty
obvious: hurricanes.  Though we are old pros and definitely know how to handle a bad
storm, it never gets easy to brace yourself yearly for a storm that might destroy the
home you've worked your whole life for.  That being said, some of my best memories
are sitting by candle light, listening to the AM radio, riding out one hurricane or another
with my family.
2.  What period of history would you like to go back to?
The late 1960's, as cliche as that sounds.  There was such an electric energy flowing
through this country, women's lib and the fight to end a war the people didn't believe in.
I love the revolutionary vibe of that period and how harmoniously it existed with a
message of peace and love.
3.  Manicure or pedicure?
Pedicure.  I have no fingernails, I'm a nurse.  Clean and short so as not to harbor any
more bacteria than normal.
4.  What time period in your life would you like to live again?
I would love to be Isabelle's age again, around 8 years old.  That time when you are
still innocent and free, no worries or responsibilities, no self esteem issues or social
doubts.  Just being young and fully alive, playing and laughing.  We should all strive to
be more like that.
5.  What kind of parent do you think you are?
I would hope that my kids think that I'm a loving, attentive parent.  I'm a parent who
tries really hard to enjoy my kids and teach them important life lessons, providing
discipline and consistency while also enjoying our family time together.  I don't waste a lot
of time worrying about being perfect, I don't get caught up in the parenting trends and
fads.  At the end of the day, all my kids want from me is for me to hold them and love
them.  And I try everyday to do just that.
6.  How do you keep your patience with your kids/husband when they are driving
you crazy?
I take deep breathes, walk out of the room and compose myself if I need to, pray, vent
to friends and family, and laugh as much as possible.  Shawn and I are not afraid to say
"I need a time out".  Because, sometimes, we all do.  Keeping your sanity is all about
knowing your limits and knowing when to step back.  I am not always the most patient
person and I accept that about myself.  However, I owe it to the people I love to stretch
my boundaries and try to be slow to anger.
7.  Favorite thing on TV.
Parenthood, The Real Housewives franchise, The Vampire Diaries, Survivor.  I watch
trashy reality shows, what can I say?

8.  How interested in celebrity gossip are you?
For some reason, VERY.  I've always been obsessed with pop culture, I find it fascinating.
I have several magazine subscriptions I am not particularly proud of.  Sometimes,
when you've used your brain all day, it's nice to loose yourself in unrealistic reality
and mindless entertainment.

9.  What did you major in in college?  Would you change it now? 
I majored in biology and nursing and loved it.  There's nothing better than learning
about something you are totally interested in and fascinated by.  I've wanted to be a nurse
for a very long time and wouldn't change anything about my higher learning experience.
I am hoping to start graduate school in the near future to take it even higher.

10.  Are you a firearm owner?
No, but Shawn is and I earned my Sharp Shooter medal in the military.  If push
came to shove, I would be totally prepared to defend myself.

11.  Favorite thing about yourself.  
My smile.  I wore braces for 4 long, teen angst filled years and I earned
this smile.  
That's about all the energy I can muster, friends.  Since I loved Kelly's questions so much,
I invite you all to play along!  I tag Sarah from Sarbear's Journey, Lucy the Valiant, Jess
from Look.Snap.Love. , Vanessa from Little Gray Pixel, Hilary from BabyMooHoo, and Randalin from
Harvesting Kale.

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

wow....your story about coffee and cigarettes is crazy. i couldn't imagine not having my morning POT of coffee. :)

Kelley, Brendan and Baby Brix said...

I love your "I need a time out" I'm using it. Also, I, too, am drawn to celebrity gossip. I guess it's just a guilty pleasure... :-)

Anonymous said...

As a curious person, I love reading this post that gives us a chance to know you a bit better.
I too am a big fan of the 60's, the vibe was so different.

Hope you are feeling better by now Olivia. Stay well.xoxo

Sarbear said...

Love Parenthood and crappy reality tv. I think you're right about just needing a break after working your mind all day. I also really appreciate your thrifty attitude and desire to save money rather than spending it where it doesn't really count. You're such an awesome lady all around and I love your consistently positive attitude. Also, I hope you are feeling totally and completely better soon. Sometimes it seems to take way to long to kick it to the curb, but hopefully the upcoming weekend will give you a little extra time to relax.

Oh, and I got your comment on my blog. If you want in on the secret you can go to my new blog and see! Definitely good things. I just don't want to post a link to the new blog until the secret is out completely. ;)

Take care lovely lady. You are the greatest!


Hilary@BabyMooHoo said...

thanks for the tag! i love reading these kinds of posts.

feel better soon! fluids, fluid, fluids (like i really have to say that to a nurse, but, still)! i hope you have the chance to get lots of rest and baby yourself a bit while you get better. i frickin' HATE sinus infections, they make me feel like curling up and sleeping for however long it takes my antibiotic to just kick in already.

Wendy said...

Have you read the five love languages? I ask because of how you talk about physical affection being your main love language. I just read it a little while ago and loved it. I'm not usually big on self help books, but I felt like that one was a game changer. I'm trying to get Wytmer to read it, but it's not in his character to read a relationship book.

I love everything you wrote here. You are such an inspiring mama! I hope you start feeling 100% better soon.

Lucy The Valiant said...

I love these eleven things posts! Now I know I'm not the only one who didn't get a driver's license until the age of 22!

Anonymous said...

I totally identify with you about your perspective on being a Catholic Christian. It's the place that I feel most comfortable expressing my faith and spirituality, but (/and?) I don't necessarily agree with all tenets of the faith.
I recently visited New Orleans for the first time and I fell in love with the city and am very interested in the Cajun culture. Such an enduring and unique history! It would be great if you could write a post on your heritage sometime. :)

Anonymous said...

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