Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Paper Mama Challenge: Self

Chelsey from The Paper Mama has issued a challenge: take a self-portrait, share some
fun facts, embrace your big bad beautiful self!  I love this blogging mama to pieces:
her creativity, her honesty, her amazing photography and artistic eye.  When I read
what inspired this challenge, heard her story about someone's personal attack on her
physical appearance, I felt shocked and disgusted.  As women, it is so important to
empower one another, support each other, inspire and embrace each other and
ourselves.  We are all unique, beautiful beings created in His image.  
Obsessing over...
Our spring vegetable garden.  We've been feverishly making plans, digging up dirt, 
buying supplies.  I can't wait to spend more time outdoors, warmer weather, getting 
our hands dirty.
Working on...
Finishing up the endless amount of charting on my patients, making Valentine's Day 
cards with the girls, organizing my recipe cards for my ongoing quest of meal 
Thinking about...
Shawn and how badly I want a date night.  We made a goal to have date night at least 
once a month and have slacked BIG TIME.  We are planning dinner and a movie the 
weekend after Valentine's Day, no exceptions.  I have been daydreaming about alone 
time with my bubba all day.
Our summer vacation to Arizona to see Shawn's family.  We haven't taken a proper 
vacation in over two years due to buying our first home and having a sweet little babe.  
We have been saving every extra penny and are so excited to see our desert dwelling 
family.  Just the thought of hiking through those beautiful mountains with my girls is 
enough to put a smile on my face.
Listening to...
"Love Vigilantes" by Iron and Wine.  Dreamy, beautiful, peaceful tunes to close out 
my busy, chaotic day.
I wish.  New rule: no eating after 7 pm.  This 32 year old metabolism just can't keep up 
with the late night snacking anymore.  Time to take the bull by the horns and get my body 
as healthy and strong as possible.  I am the maker of my own body 
image destiny.
That I could take every single person I love and value and start our own, self-efficient 
village.  We could have Saturday night dance parties, start our own band, howl at the 
moon.  I'll settle for a reunion with all my friends at this year's Mardi Gras festivities...
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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

you are so beautiful, inside and out!

i love iron and wine. :) puts me in such a happy mood.

Randalin. said...

Seriously - beautiful inside and out!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Wonderful photo!! You're so pretty. And a veggie garden?? I'm so jealous. I wish I was that way inclined, I totally suck at keeping up on watering/gardening/cultivating. Boo.

Sarbear said...

Hey beautiful! :) I can't wait to see what you end up with in your vegetable garden. Gardening is such a fun and rewarding experience and will be awesome for your girls to be a part of.


MarieHarmony said...

Sweet, lovely! And how nice to discover a bit more about you...Ok I won't be an exception I too wish I could have a Veggie Garden! I am sure the girls will enjoy it, as well as the holidays in Arizona.
Good luck for the no eating after 7pm, I too should set up this rule.......

Jodi Hall said...

You are just adorable inside and out my friend. :) I love what you said what you are wishing about. I feel the same way..

Kate Giovinco Photography said...

I have been reading for a few months. I am not sure how I found your blog but I enjoy reading about your family. I decided to join in on the self portrait project.