Tuesday, February 14, 2012

God Gave Me You

One of my very first blog posts was about Valentine's Day: how cynical I've always
been about the holiday as a whole and how the love and excitement of my oldest
daughter changed my mind completely.  I used to think of it as an over
commercialized cheese fest bound and determined to disappoint women everywhere
when their partners didn't pull through with the perfect romantic surprise.  I still kind
of feel like that, to be perfectly honest.  But I've learned to love this day for what it
REALLY is: a day to take a personal inventory of all the love in your life, a day to
be thankful for friends and family who share a special place in your heart and make
life worth living.  As busy as our every day lives are, a day set aside devoted entirely to
being romantic and showing the ones you love how much they mean to you is really a
special gift.  I am, in so many ways, a very blessed woman when it comes to love.
I value my marriage and children above all else, believing wholeheartedly that God
placed me on this earth specifically with these people, this family, because He knew
that we belonged together.  The stress of everyday life, the hardships we suffer, they
all seem more manageable when I am with Shawn, Isabelle, and Brees.  We were
meant for one another, lifelong Valentines, living this life and carrying each other through.
No amount of chocolate or roses could ever compare to the magnitude of that reality:
that God gave me the people I need to make my life whole.  Happy Valentine's Day, my
sweet little tribe.  Words will never be enough to describe the love I have for you
inside my heart.

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MarieHarmony said...

This is a wonderful Valentine's Day message Olivia! And God gave you to me so I can know love still exists, family is a precious gift and marriage a wonderful adventure.
Thank you and stay blessed! Much Love to you all.

Hilary@BabyMooHoo said...

i can't imagine you EVER being cynical about valentine's day!! but i absolutely know what you mean about children shedding a new light on this holiday--it seems to mean more to me now, too, as a day to take stock of all the love i am lucky to have in this little family. xo!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

it's hard for me to imagine you being cynical as well. ;-)

Jodi Hall said...

Oh i cant imagine you being cynical either.. I hope you have a wonderful day my friend.. Happy Valentines Day! :)

Oh and I love that song.. :D

Lori said...

you have a gorgeous little tribe :) love this post, i used to be really cynical about valentine's day too.. now that i'm a little older and more mature i have no idea why i was so negative towards a day about LOVE!

new follower, please stop on by:

Wendy said...

I kind of feel cynical about valentine's day as well. But being a mama really made me start to buy into all the pink and red stuff. I'm so looking forward to the day when Hannah can take valentines to school for her classmates.

Happy Valentine's Day, sweet mama.

amy@agoodlife said...

i'm not huge into v-day as a couple's holiday either, but i've loved making it a family affair & getting parker involved & making it a fun-family-love day!