Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dancing Queens

What do you do with two busy bee little girls when the weather won't let up and it rains
for three days straight?  Well, if you're me, you climb into your dark, scary attic and pull
out the big box of dance costumes you've been collecting since you were 3!!  Tutus,
lyrical dresses, high school dance line uniforms, pom poms, oh yeah!  What fun we had
this weekend pouring through these sentimental costumes, years of my dance career
packed away neatly, just waiting for my daughters to try on.  "Mama, what was this one
for?" Belle would ask as she tried each piece on.  And I told her stories about recitals
and football games, traveling for competitions and playing a Sugarplum Fairy in
The Nutcracker.  It was a fantastic trip down memory lane.  We dug out one of
Isabelle's first ballet costumes and put it on Brees, fully expecting her to strip it 
off immediately as she does most of her clothing.  But she left it on, put her hands
on her hips, and twirled.  She skipped around her spinning sister and twirled.  Perhaps
Brees has inherited the ballet gene as well...
She definitely inherited the drama queen gene as evidenced by
the photo below:
And in the spirit of being sentimental, I found this photo of Isabelle from her first
ballet recital.  It's amazing how fast time flies by, how this little curly-q baby is now a
second grader.  Just looking at this photo makes me want to hug her right now.
Pretty, sparkly costumes, Pandora radio, and free reign over the kitchen:
the perfect ingredients to a fun filled night...

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Lucy The Valiant said...

That sounds like SO MUCH fun! And look at her, glaring down the camera! FIERCE! :)

Hilary@BabyMooHoo said...


Jess said...

Brees' face in the first picture! Oh my gosh!

Anonymous said...

So Sweet! They make my day.....

Sarbear said...

Such sweet gals, all three of you. <3


She Said... said...

so adorable! I love the fact that they are playing dress up with your dance clothes that have so much history. Your little family is the cutest!

Lori said...

seriously so.so adorable! your big little girl is so sassy :) love it!

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Anonymous said...

two adorable little dancers!