Friday, February 17, 2012

Be Mine

We did Valentine's Day big this year, like REALLY big!!  Isabelle has been talking about
it since Christmas and I think we just all got caught up in the fever.  Our day started
with a special cinnamon roll breakfast, love notes in lunch boxes, and a few chocolates
before school.  I went to work and gave all my patients extra special hugs and kisses and
got lots of love right back.  I made it home early to prepare my Pinterest inspired
Valentine's Day dinner: Foil pack chicken broccoli, Caesar pasta salad, and
steamed asparagus.  Isabelle came home from school with a bag full of Valentine's 
from her classmates and a teddy bear from a secret admirer whom she deemed "very 
cute".  Brees had her very own baby Valentine party at the babysitter's house and got 
her first taste of Oreo cookies.  She was extremely impressed.  When Belle went upstairs 
to put her things away, she realized she had been "heart attacked" (yet another 
adorable Pinterest inspired idea)!!  She stood at her door for a really long time, reading 
all her love notes and smiling.  As dinner time approached, Shawn literally came 
bursting through the door looking like he had been attacked by the Valentine's Day aisle 
at the supermarket.  He was seriously loaded down with balloons, stuffed animals, 
candy, cards, and a sweet bunch of daisies and lilies.  Shawn has always been thoughtful 
and romantic by all accounts but I have NEVER seen him go all out like this.  Each girl 
got special gifts from Daddy and a Valentine book from Mama.  The rest of the night 
went pretty quick as we approached bedtime and the girls headed toward a possible 
sugar coma: we had dinner, a Whitney Houston tribute dance party that involved 
break dancing, bath time, and stories before bed.  Shawn and I ended the night 
in the living room: catching up on our DVR with chocolate in hand.  It was a very 
special, thoughtful, giggly little girl good night.  I think we'll all remember this 
Valentine's Day for a long time...

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Anonymous said...

Another fabulous post Olivia! Lots of love shared this Valentine's day I see. Isabelle "heart attacked" idea is awesome.
Lovely week-end to all! xxx

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love that heart attacked idea.

Summer said...

This is so cute. I love all the heart notes on her door.

Stephanie said...

The heart attacked idea is GREAT!!

Randalin Ellery said...

Oh my - I am so in love with this post! I was never much of a valentine's fan, but have to admit that I've caught the love-bug now that I have a kid. I love how your family celebrated and think it's great that you went all out!

momto8 said...

oh lucky lucky you!! fun at your house for Valentines day!! The heart attack is a great idea!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great day! :D

Sarbear said...

So much sweetness. That heart attack idea is brilliant. I wonder how long she will keep up all the notes. :)


Lucy The Valiant said...

So sweet! This sounds a lot like our valentine's day, actually. Isn't it funny how it seems like a MORE love-y holiday when you celebrate it with children than when you were just a couple? It's just more heart-full this way!