Thursday, January 30, 2014

Staying In


My favorite days are the days with nowhere to be, no alarm clock to set, just the sound of my baby boy next to me cooing in his early morning sleepy voice.  I pull him next to me and nurse him in the quiet, the curtains pulled back just enough to let the early morning light in.  I doze back off as he nurses, the feeling of being able to stay in bed so luxurious to me.  Most days, I have to pop up as soon as my alarm goes off, my early morning routine in full swing in order to get the day started.  But days like these, I soak in the stillness with every ounce of my being.  

Shawn wakes up slowly, he's not a morning person at all.  He opens his eyes and sees River and I awake and smiles at us, pulls us close to him.  It is one of the few moments the three of us have together alone, just the three of us, and we cherish it.  I am so thankful that my son has this man to look up to, this father who will teach him how to love and nurture.  He is strong and tough and masculine but so sensitive and affectionate and deep.  I hope that our son shares some of these traits.

"Did you sleep good?", we both ask each other.  We recount stories of the dogs barking at 2 am, Brees getting up after a bad dream.  We decide on a breakfast menu: biscuits and scrambled eggs with chai tea. And just as we're about to get up, we pull the covers back over us and stay in bed for a little while longer.  We don't have to get up yet.  So we don't.



Nessa Bixler said...

I love all of this so much!

Randalin said...

How perfect is that last picture?!? So awesome! I cannot wait for baby snuggles :)