Friday, January 31, 2014



A portrait of my family, once a week, every week in 2014.

I didn't go into work on Friday because of the snow, Isabelle was out of school as well.  We spent the whole day playing in the snow and then warming up by the fire, going in and out, tracking snow all throughout the house.  I made gumbo for dinner and we fell asleep watching movies on the living room floor. It was the best day: no worries, nowhere to be, just the great outdoors and the most unusual weather.  We had the best time, all together, in that big snow covered yard.

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Summer Crosbie said...

I still can't believe you guys got snow! Love this picture of your family.

Marie said...

I can feel from reading you how a great day it was!
Love snow and fireplace.
Thinking of you all. Kisses from France Liv.