Tuesday, January 21, 2014

An Afternoon In Photos and a Few Words, Too

I'm home from work really early today.  Like, 12 noon early.  I run straight to the shower, calling out HELLO I LOVE YOU I'LL SEE YOU IN JUST A MINUTE to everyone.  I have to shower and change my clothes before I hug or kiss anyone, nasty flu season.  Brees of course follows me into the bathroom and chit chats away with me while I leave Olivia the Nurse behind and settle back into Mommy mode.  She follows me into our bedroom while I get dressed and tells me all about her morning.

062 073

We spend some time together in the kitchen, eating lunch, babies in laps.  I bring Brees upstairs and promise her a cookie when she wakes up from her nap.  She will hold me to it.  I scoop up baby River and we climb into the big bed.  He nurses for a long time, staring up at me, pulling on my hair, holding my hand.  It's so good to be home with him.

076-1 092-1

This is his "I've been down on this blanket for too long and why aren't you holding me?!!" face.  This baby boy rarely cries and that's completely due to the fact that at least one of us is always doting on him.  He is a cherished boy. And a bit spoiled, too.


I put River down for his nap and turn my attention to Shawn, the two of us using the precious afternoon nap time to catch up with each other, our chores, starting dinner, emails and phone calls. Shawn makes us each a cup of tea and we enjoy a few moments together. It's only a blink of an eye before the little kids are up from their naps, both of them bright eyed and refreshed.  

014 007 020

We camp out in front of the windows and wait for big sister to get home.  Brees gets so excited when we see that big yellow school bus pull up.  Belle is greeted with hugs and kisses and baby drool.  I love to watch the kids catch up with each other.  I love how excited they are to see one another after a long day apart.

119 121

The next few hours are a blur of homework and dinner and bath time.  We push through it and try to stay on task: the energy in the house can be a bit overwhelming during this busy time of the night. Shawn builds a nice fire and we all snuggle up in the living room together before bed.  The only time you will ever find Brees Elizabeth sitting still and quiet and relaxed is in front of the fire. She just settles in and slows down.


We tuck the girls in and then listen to them scurrying around upstairs, sneaking into each other's rooms and talking for a while before falling asleep.  River stayed up a little later than usual that night, maybe needing a little extra one on one time with us. We were happy to oblige, obviously.


It was a really good afternoon.

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Renee said...

Love it!! :)

Randalin said...

Love having this little peak into your day :)

marie said...

I can comment again! How great Liv!
There is nothing like a good afternoon at home with family.
Love to all.xx