Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today's Vote

Though my blog is not typically a space where I write about my political views or opinions,
I feel like today's election is the elephant in the room that deserves to be addressed.
After months and months of watching this political process unfold, Shawn and I will head
out early this morning to exercise the amazing privilege we have as Americans: the right
to vote.  We will celebrate the fact that we live in a country where we have the right to
call ourselves Democrat, Republican, or Independent.  We will send our girls off to school
to get an education and prepare themselves for a future where they will have the
same rights as their male classmates.  We will be grateful for the men and women in
uniform who fight so selflessly to protect our freedom, remembering the time we
ourselves spent serving in the United States Navy.  Today, I will carry my voter
registration card to the fire station and vote for the candidate I put the most hope into
and I will do so with pride and gratefulness.  
I grew up in a family completely invested in politics: loud and heated arguments taking
place over Sunday dinner on a weekly basis.  My grandfather told me from a very young
age, "Have an opinion and be smart enough to back it up".  I've worked very hard my
entire adult life to do right by him.  And I work even harder to do right by my little girls
and the future I want for them.  Today's vote, for me, is about love, tolerance,
peace, promise, and hope.  Today's vote is a right I am so grateful for.
A few photos from our rainy day Sunday...
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marie said...

Rainy days Look good in your home Liv!
Every time I vote I remember the chance and privilege I have to be free to do so. Having an opinion is not so well seen in many countries around us. Let's pray this election will bring the values you share every day we your loved ones.
Thinking of you all. xx

Sara said...

Such cute little gals. I feel similarly to you. I will strap on Izzy and go vote for her just as much as I am voting for myself or anything else.

Olivia said...

You are setting an amazing example for your little lady!!

Olivia said...

I hope so, my sweet friend!!