Monday, November 12, 2012

Let Fun Rule

I feel like our weekends are divided into two categories: some weekends are for
staying home, cleaning and organizing and finishing up projects, taking long naps
and recuperating from the long week and all its activity.  Other weekends are for
adventure and revelry and fun, packing up the car and taking off to someplace new,
leaving the work behind to enjoy our freedom and each other.  It seems that we never
really find the balance between the two, something always gets left behind.  But such is
the nature of the beast and we've learned to just plan our weekends accordingly.
This weekend, it was for fun.  This weekend was for catching up with lifelong
friends, enjoying the perfect November weather, and using every daylight hour to its
fullest.  The girls and I went to our local library sale and scored 33 books for $4.  They
were in heaven as we unpacked the big box full of old/new to them books.  Isabelle and
I then set off on a Saturday of shopping and lunch dating with my best friend, Jolie,
scoring lots of pretty things for our new office.  On Sunday, we woke up with the sun and
set out to our family friends' orchard for some Louisiana Satsuma picking.  The girls had
a blast picking and eating fresh, sweet oranges while chasing the dogs and playing in
the early morning sun.  We made it home just in time to watch the Saints play an
awesome win over Atlanta.  Brees was apparently so curious about all the screaming
going on in front of the TV that she learned how to crawl out of her baby bed all by
herself.  Now that's a TRUE little Saints fan!  This week's mission: move Brees to her
toddler bed.  Our little baby is officially a toddler with an agenda all her own, 
including somehow climbing out of her crib and scaring the living daylights out of 
her parents.
This weekend, my laundry piled up, I got very little sleep, and I neglected my chore list.
I did, however, laugh until I almost peed my pants.  I ran and danced and ate fresh
oranges in the grass with my family. It's amazing how, sometimes, the most tiring
and eventful of weekends can be the most refreshing.  We'll catch you later, to-do list.
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Deanna Fike said...

i feel like that's how our weekends are divided up too.

that is an awesome score of books for jut $4!

Jessica said...

Look at all that hair on Brees! It looks like you had a great weekend. :)

Kara Motts said...

Can I just say that I LOVE your blog? I really, really do. Your sweet heart and love for your family shines through and the pictures of your precious children are so lovely. You show such a realistic view of motherhood, wifedom and life as a nurse. I love it, plain and simple. Reading your posts is one of my favorite things about this whole blogging lifestyle!

Vanessa said...

ORANGES. Can I have some? :-)

I so fear the day Alexa jumps out of her crib. I say jump because I'm pretty sure it won't be a timid attempt. She already climbs on and off our tall bed, and jumps up and down on it. Daredevils, these girls.

Ashley said...

Love this! All the pictures are awesome but my favorite is Brees watching Isabelle work. There is a sweet look on Brees' face. And Isabelle is playing the role of 'watch me and maybe you can try next time'. Next time yall go there, please call me I will meet yall ;)

Olivia said...

Best score ever!! They have the sale twice a year and we will most definitely be going back in the spring!

Olivia said...

Her hair is finally growing! Makes her look like such a big girl!

Olivia said...

Kara, this seriously touched my heart and made me cry into my tea this morning! Coming from you, this is the highest of compliments. I admire you so much and am constantly inspired by your servant heart. Thank you for your encouraging words and continued friendship!!!!

Olivia said...

The thing that scared us the most is that we don't know how she did it! Luckily, I was right outside her room putting laundry away in the bathroom when I heard the door swing open and she walked out with the proudest look on her face. She's so short, like really really short, so it's a pretty long drop for her! These girls are fearless!!!

Olivia said...

We will!!! I didn't even think of the fact that it's almost the halfway point for yall!! Yes, we will meet up in Hamburg soon!!!

marie said...

"To-do-list" can wait Liv! These moments you share all as a family and with your friends are way more important. They build up into memories, they are unique.
Brees is growing up so fast, I imagine seeing her out of a cot is quite scary, soon she'll have a grown-up bed, how fabulous!!!

Much love and keep sharing these delicious life-moments, you are an inspiration Liv!

Olivia said...

Thank you love!! The memories are more important than anything else!!

Jolie Lemoine said...

Thank you for posting this, it truly was a special weekend, it was so nice spending time with the Vasquez tribe! I am still laughing about when we piled up into the truck and drove to Bunkie to get some plate lunches-- true southern form! Miss yall and I'll be coming around again next weekend so lets put aside some time to catch up, maybe make some dinner and have an Abita : )