Friday, November 16, 2012

A Year Of: Learning

Brees Elizabeth turned 2 years old on November 15.  I know that every mother says this,
but I really can't believe how quickly the time has passed.  As I reflect on this last year
and all the adventures and milestones we have experienced, I hope that you enjoy this
series of posts about our family and all the things we have learned this past year.
A year of coming into her own...
Brees is an explorer, an active and curious child who wants to know and
understand everything around her.  From the moment she wakes up in the morning,
she asks to put on her shoes and "go outside!".  She loves digging in dirt and eating it,
too.  She loves running and climbing and playing in water.  Her favorite thing to do is
to rummage through my closet, purse, and/or make-up bag: spilling all of their
contents from one end of the house to the other as she examines each object and claims
it for herself.  She is messy, mischievous, and the type of child who, if you suddenly notice
is quiet, you had better investigate immediately.  
We try to foster this constant need for exploration by giving Brees little areas to go wild.
We have a big pot of dirt in our garden full of tools for her to dig in, a kitchen playset in
our kitchen for her to cook and imitate mama, a baby pool set up just for her to splash
and play in.  It's so important to me for my girls to feel inspired and stimulated and I try
to make our home a reflection of that.  I think back to the days when I had a
perfectly decorated house that was sparkling clean and completely organized and I smile.
As much as I loved that space, I am so thankful for what we have now.  The messes and
little kid things: they have made our house a home.

This year, Brees grew into her own person, developed a distinct personality with likes
and dislikes.  She likes: eating everything in sight, snuggling and giving/getting lots
of affection, sleeping, being dirty/getting dirty/making messes, reading books, playing
with her baby dolls/toy trains/building blocks.  She dislikes: getting dressed, when the
dogs lick her face/steal her snacks, using silverware.  She is funny and has learned how
to make people laugh, a complete ham just like her older sister.
For a Type A personality mother, Brees has been an amazing learning experience for
me.  She has taught me to let go of my need to have a perfectly clean home: a big
mess means a big memory.  She has taught me to enjoy sitting in the dirt on a warm
summer day rather than worry over stains and dirty feet: soap can fix most anything.
Brees has helped me let go of so many neuroses, encouraged me through her peaceful
spirit to surrender to the big and beautiful world around me.  I've always thought that
God puts certain people into our lives for specific reasons, people to help us on our
journey and nurture our souls.  Throughout her second year, Brees has helped me to
relax and be present, to have fun and enjoy the simplest moments.  Brees has helped
to ground me and make me a better person.  Thank you, little girl, for your free spirit.

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Marie said...

It's wonderful how many things we learn near little ones. Brees definitely seems like a free spirit but her little face brings a big smile on mine, every time I see her.
I am glad to see how you both grew up together, hand in hand, during this year and how you discovered sometime it is by letting go, by following the path less travelled that one can realize itself fully.

Wishing you much love and joy Liv!

Jodi Hall said...

adorable brees is adorable! :D

Olivia said...

Thank you! We think so, too:)

Olivia said...

All of these well wishes that you send her, they are like little prayers that surround her. Thank you for your constant support and love!