Friday, July 15, 2011

Sweet Friday

We've had a super busy week, starting with me turning in my resignation letter at work
and beginning the transition to my new job!  My supervisors and coworkers have
been amazing and I've been surrounded by well-wishers all week.  They have been so
willing to give me their support and advice as I start this new phase in my career.  Leaving
on such a high note makes the transition that much smoother.  This weekend, we have
a birthday party to attend and Shawn and I are hoping to enjoy a much needed date
night.  I'm really just excited to all be home together, however we choose to
spend our time.
Here's a list of some of my favorite posts this week:

  • Sara from Sarbear's Journey posted the coolest tutorial for how to make home made deodorant and had the hippie in me dancing for joy!!  Can't wait to try this all natural concoction!
  • Drea from OhDearDrea constructed the most AMAZING tent for her little Marlowe.  It is seriously magical and I want one for our house NOW.  I may even let the girls play in it, too:)
  • Nichole from Live Free and I grew up in the same small town just a few miles away from each other.  She now lives in Austin, TX, where all the cool girls tend to migrate.  Her blog is a daily inspiration for me on living productively and appreciating the simplistic elements of life.  She recently came back to Louisiana for a visit and this post  made my heart swell as I felt a deep sense of pride and adoration for my beloved home and all its amazing beauty.  So glad you had such a nice visit, Nic!
  • I've always thought bachelor/bachelorette parties were pretty grimey and gross.  The whole concept of "one last night" just creeps me out.  And penis straws?  Really?  I was so extremely happy, however, to see Mandy from Harper's Happenings throw a REAL celebration for her BFF in anticipation of her upcoming nuptials.  A night of girly fun and giddiness, including super hero capes: what could seriously be better than that?
  • Ashley from Ramblings and Photos wrote the most amazing post reflecting on the bad boys of the Bible.  You have to read this, it's pretty original.  It reminded me so much of Catechism class with Sister Ann, the only nun I know who was brave enough to declare Jesus a hippie.
  • Amy from A Good Life posted the coolest tutorial on how to make freezer jam, complete with ridiculously enticing photos that made me want to eat jam out of a jar.  I've never made jam this way but will definitely be trying this recipe out!
  • Not only does Melissa run the best Mama blog around, Dear Baby, but she's also a contributing writer on  This post about breastfeeding and the photo Melissa's husband took of her and sweet Arlo brought tears to my eyes.  Truly amazing.
  • I am guest posting at BabyMooHoo today for my sweet friend, Hilary, while she takes a well deserved vacation.  Stop by and visit her lovely blog, it's one of my favorites!
  • Jess from Boho Baby Bump wrote a post this week about her adorable son, Kael, and his favorite snack: raw broccoli.  She feeds it to him frozen and it serves as not only a super healthy treat, but the perfect teething toy as well.  Why have I never thought of this?  This is one of the reasons I love the blogging world so much: so many women from all walks of life, sharing and relating to one another!  Brees currently has FOUR new top teeth poking out (yes, I said FOUR, all at the same time.  No wonder she wakes up throughout the night!) so I immediately tried this awesome broccoli idea and she loved it!  She's been chomping on this magical frozen veggie treat every day since!

Have an amazing weekend!!!!


Alex Jae said...

That bacheorlette party looks more style. My friends are planning mine ALREADY (8 months early) and I'm terrified but I trust them! And I agree with the jam, I usually make strawberry but I may have some variation this season after seeing those pictures!

Caitlin said...

I love Brees's eyes, theyre so big and full of wonder. And the broccoli thing sounds like a great idea!

Sarbear said...

I'm so glad you're going to try the deodorant! :) Thanks for sharing it. I love that Brees is diggin' the frozen broccoli. Starting a great love young!

Ashley Sisk said...

Thanks so much for the shout out. I've never gotten those bachelor/bachelorette nights either. I really wanted a quiet girl's weekend at the beach. One of my friends still did the straws and even P-shaped cupcakes. I didn't exactly care for all that but whatever. My husband just did a boy's weekend on a golf course. We decided that there was more to celebrate in us sharing a life than giving up all the other men and women in the world.

Sarah said...

Have I told you she's cute? Because, well, she's kinda cute :)

Hilary@BabyMooHoo said...

this is the perfect post to help me catch up on all i missed on the blogosphere while off on my little hometown vacation! thanksss! :)