Sunday, July 3, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday

The girls and I started the holiday weekend with a little girls' day out!  Shawn left early
for work and we all woke up to see him off, followed by a breakfast of cinnamon rolls
and chocolate milk.  We got dressed and headed out for some shopping and lunch at one
of our favorite sandwich shops.  It was such a lovely day, the girls were both happy and
in great moods, making any outing that much better.  We hurried home around 3
in anticipation of the arrival of some of our oldest friends as they road tripped their way
from Alabama to Louisiana to spend the long weekend with us!  Shawn, Geno, Cara, and
I all served in the U.S. Navy together many moons ago and we have remained friends ever
since.  What better way to spend the Fourth of July weekend than with your
lifelong military friends?!
Here's what we wore:

I hope that you all have an amazing weekend, enjoying your
family, friends, and freedom!  


arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

love your outfits! belle's hair is adorable! :) hope you have a blessed day!

d'Artagnan said...

I loooooove your top. And thank you for serving!

Mandy said...

Sounds wonderful!! Cinnamon rolls, shopping, sandwiches, and military friends. Perfect! :)

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i LOVE your dress. and belle's hair is friggen adorable!

Sarbear said...

Such lovely ladies of all sizes! :) Your dress is awesome!

AmyLee said...

you guys look adorable! love belle's hair :)

kriznizzel said...

Love the pose she is pulling. You all look great.

Megan said...

Love these gorgeous pictures! Y'all are one stunning bunch!!

Mrs. Weber said...

You all are adorable. I love your dress. Urban Outfitters rocks, huh?!

lady lee said...

Look at you beautiful girls!