Friday, July 8, 2011

Sweet Friday

Aren't short weeks the best?  We are still recovering from the Fourth and now
another weekend is already upon us, so great!  Shawn and I got a lot done around the house
this week, including working on our seemingly never ending back patio renovation (post
on this project coming soon).  I got three inches cut off my very overgrown hair and feel
so fresh and so clean.  Brees has been crawling everywhere and Isabelle enjoyed a few
play dates with friends.  The girls and I have big plans for this lovely Friday,
including a whole lot of this...
Here's a list of some of my favorite posts this week from some
very inspiring women:

  • Carly from All This is Grace and Charm posted three delicious recipes all geared toward eating in season.  We try to eat fresh, local, in season produce as much as possible and I can't wait to give these recipes a try!
  • I just started following Matt and Kara Adopt, an amazing blog chronicling Matt and Kara's experience as a young married couple hoping to adopt a baby.  Their story is so heart warming and I found myself reading back through months and months of posts.  This week they got some amazing news that literally brought tears to my eyes!  
  • I'm really hoping this post from Mandy at A Sorta Fairytale spreads like wild fire! Don't say you haven't had these same thoughts!
  • My workout regime has been seriously lacking lately.  I just can't seem to find my groove.  I've contemplated doing P90x again, or just mixing up the hundreds of work out videos collecting dust in our media cabinet.  This post from Jess at IROCKSOWHAT really inspired me this week to get moving, one way or another.
  • Maine has always been on my travel bucket list.  After seeing Hilary from Baby Moohoo's photos from her family's Fourth of July weekend, I'm ready to see this beautiful, foggy place now!
  • Vanessa from Little Gray Pixel posted the most lovely vision board featuring some of my favorite colors: gold and turquoise.  SO perfect for summer!
  • Katie from Katie's Pencil Box takes the most amazing photos, I seriously get all nostalgic and day dreamy when I look at them.  Her holiday photos melted my heart: what a beautiful family!
  • Aura from AuraJoon's post on baby wearing touched my soul.  She so perfectly articulates how rewarding having your baby close can be.  And her photos, there are no words.
  • Deanna from Delirious Rhapsody shared her birthday this week with her sweet son, Gage, by hosting a blog party!  SO many awesome guest posts and giveaways, check it out and join in on the birthday fun!  Happy birthday D and Gage!
  • Megan from Mackey Madness posted about how she spent the holiday making treats for her hubby and his fellow firemen.  I loved this post because 1. Megan is hilarious and 2. It reminded me of those sweet newlywed days!  It's good to reflect back on pre-baby days and remember to make the extra effort for the one you love.
  • Caitlin from To Make Love Stay posted a few reasons why she'll never be a studio singer and had me literally laughing out loud.  I have been known to improvise with some pretty interesting lyrics myself:)


Ashley Sisk said...

WOW - that's a lot of great articles. I hope you have a great weekend. I'm so glad we had a short week!

shah said...

PS: I'm a new follower too! Shah. X

shah said...

Second time I wrote this? First one vanished?

Great post with lots of fabulous links. I'm esp interested in the adoption couple too - it may be our only option for children.

I hope you will perhaps consider LINKING up YOUR CREATIONS over at my BLOG this (and every other) WEEKEND - where there's a FRESH NEW LINKY!

Any creation counts: a meal to a story, a painting to crafts, a review to an article. HELP me to build the community of creative bloggers
Shah X

Caitlin said...

Yay, thanks for the link love, and all these awesome recommendations! <33

Vic said...

i need to check out these women! and i'm always down for a good hair cut! it sure makes you feel fab:) enjoy the weekend pretty lady!

Megan said...

Awww, thanks so much for the link! You are wonderful!!

I just read the post about the couple finding out they were matched with a baby and immediately starting bawling. I am so emotional lately!!

Thanks for sharing so many fabulous links!! Have a great weekend!

KimBerly said...

I can't wait to see your patio. I am always looking for ideas. Our backyard is one big blank canvas. We need to start working on it.

Toni said...

Great Picture!! Love those baby legs. How old is your baby??

Thanks for e-mailing me your summer list, I will let you know when I post it!

Have a great day!

Mandy said...

Thanks so much for the shout out!! I hope more people follow the playground etiquette, too! :) I will have to go check out all of those other links you listed!!!

Ashley said...

Love short weeks! Hope you have a great weekend!

Kara said...

Liv! You are too sweet to link up to me. You're a doll and I LOVE your blog. Love it.