Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall Is Here AKA The End of Summer Hibernation in Louisiana

Here in Louisiana, we count down the days of August as if they were a jail sentence.  Because they kind of are: the heat and humidity forcing us to hibernate and dream about someday owning a summer vacation home in Colorado or Vermont. September isn't much better.  In fact, the only thing that makes September somewhat bearable is the fact that football starts and we are distracted by the fact that going outside is such a miserable task because we are able to hunker down in front of our TVs for the big game. But we made it: fall is here!  I check the weather forecast every week and cheer when I see the numbers begin to tick down into the 80s and THEN, and then, into the heaven sent 70s!  An end to the 90 degree ridiculously humid summer weather, football and gumbo, and an endless amount of time outdoors as we wake from our end of summer hibernation: my soul feels revived as the trees begin to turn colors and the air grows cooler in the mornings.  The garden is still pumping out eggplants and peppers but the tomatoes and cucumbers and squash have now been replaced with broccoli and cabbage plants. The kids have been busy riding their bikes, digging in their baby garden, and playing basketball. Shawn and I have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather and have been running every chance we get.  It's unbelievable what a difference the temperature makes in your running performance! It's been an amazing couple of weeks around here lately.

River learned to drive and the girls painted lots of pumpkins.  They were completely uninterested in carving pumpkins this year: they wanted all the paint and stickers and whatever else I would let them glue together for our front porch decor.  We spent many afternoons on the front porch, sipping hot tea and making big messes with our pumpkins.

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My cousin April and I took our combined seven children out for a trip to the pumpkin patch.  It was a beautiful day that included hay rides, face painting, and pumpkin picking.  April and I laughed until our sides hurt at our children's complete lack of interest in anything we had to say that day, an experience that could be compared to herding cats.  But through the tears and toddler tantrums and bathroom breaks and diaper changes, we made some incredible memories together.  And that's the good stuff, the stuff that makes my heart beat strong.

And, of course, there was Halloween.  We did it big this year, taking the kids to as many neighborhoods as their little feet could carry them.  You want all the candy?  You go right on ahead and eat as much as you want, boo!  We had hot dogs at a local church's trunk or treat event and then ended the night at the most awesome fall carnival complete with pony rides, a petting zoo, and inflatable jumpers.  Isabelle even won first place in the costume contest!  River wouldn't come anywhere near his scary witch mama for most of the night, instead hiding out in his stroller and looking around with his big hazel eyes.  Brees was scared of some of the costumes until I reassured her that superheroes don't have to be scared because superheroes are AWESOME.  She then put her hands on her hips every time she saw a scary costume, holding her ground and shouting "I'm awesome!  I'm not scared at all!".  It was the most fun night we've had in a long time.

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It has been a beautiful season in our lives as a family: we are working hard and playing every chance we get.  The kids are getting so big so fast and we don't want to miss one single thing.  I love being their mom and I love seeing their little faces light up at just the simplest things.  They remind me to stay humble, keep things simple, and to live in the moment.  Shawn and I thank God every single day for this life we are living: the good, the bad, and the beautiful moments of clarity in between. 


Randalin said...

Oh gosh, everything about this post made me so HAPPY! The kids are so adorable in their halloween costumes and everyone looks just amazing - especially you in that picture with the kids on the hay! I love how much you do as a family and how well you do it. BIG LOVE, my friend.

Renee said...

What an awesome time!! Love the Halloween costumes, Love the dress you're wearing! My boys have one of those wee cars, they think it's just the best thing ever!

Olivia said...

Thank you Renee! Yes, that car provided hours of entertainment! It reminds me of the Flinstones:)

Olivia said...

Thank you thank you!!! It is a beautiful season right now!!!

Vanessa said...

MOST STYLISH WITCH EVER. Seriously, you put my witch to shame (although, I did have a green mask that was pretty fantastic). Alexa was terrified of H, who went as a ninja. I miss Halloween already. It's so fun.