Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Magical Fourth Birthday


Our sweet Brees Elizabeth turned four on Saturday, despite our protests that she stay this little forever. At four, Brees is the funniest little person I know.  She talks ALL OF THE TIME and makes us laugh constantly with her witty commentary.  She is a lover of the great outdoors, the first to wake up in the morning, and an expert gardener.  She loves ballet, singing, and doing any kind of painting/crafting project.  She is curious and sweet and we are so thankful that she belongs to us!

She woke up really early on her birthday and was so excited when she got her first birthday gift from her sister: a beautiful Elsa dress!  She put it on immediately and didn't take it off for the rest of the weekend.  Shawn and Isabelle spent the rest of the morning at a basketball tournament which gave me several hours alone with the little kids.  They "helped" me bake Brees' birthday cake: a french vanilla cake that we made blue to fit our Frozen theme.  We also made cupcakes, frozen hearts, Kristoff's ice cubes, and a platter of "We finish each other's sandwiches".  Brees helped me put up a few decorations, hand me downs from our sweet friend Lucy's Frozen party.  It was a quiet, relaxing morning and I was so thankful to have that time with her before her big party that afternoon.  We talked and laughed and I let her lick the bowl and eat as many chocolates as she wanted.  It was a very special start to a very special day.

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Before we knew it, it was time for our family and friends to arrive for Brees' party. Brees didn't know it yet, but two VERY special guests were on their way all the way from Arondale.  We gathered in the living room, talking and laughing and trying to distract the kids as we waited for the most important party guests of all.  We heard a knock at the front door, a very familiar knock (the exact knock from the movie to be exact).

"Brees, I think there's someone at the door! Let's see who it is!"

She followed me to the front door, completely oblivious to what was going on.  When I opened the door, her little face lit up as she realized that Elsa and Anna were standing on our front porch!!  She literally gasped, her eyes wide open, and just stood there in silence.  After a minute of complete shock, she screamed, "Elsa!!!  It's you!!!!" and wrapped her arms around her favorite princess.  She tackled Anna next, screaming in disbelief.  It was the most magical moment!!!

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She welcomed the princesses inside and immediately asked Elsa, "Do you really have ice powers? Please don't freeze my house, okay?  You have to promise.  It's my most favorite house ever, okay?"

The princesses were amazing: we were able to literally sit back and enjoy the show.  They played games with the kids, read them stories, and sang songs.  They gathered in a circle and all started to sing "Let It Go" together.  Within seconds, Brees ran out of the room crying.  I chased after her, hugged her close as she cried on my shoulder "But Mommy that's MY song!  I've been practicing that song for Elsa for a LONG TIME!!!". I couldn't help but laugh as I assured her that she would have her moment. As I carried her back into the room, Elsa and Anna had already picked up on what was going on and asked the other girls to sit in a circle around Brees, giving her her moment to shine.  She stood in the middle of the circle and went all out, singing with Elsa at the top of her lungs.  It was priceless and the whole room cheered!

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The princesses gave the girls special pixie dust and told them to make a wish, a wish they could only tell their parents about.  Brees ran to me and said "I wish for a special doll", before running back to stand next to Elsa.  They closed their eyes and blew pixie dust all over our living room and I was actually really happy to have all of that positive energy in the room.  We moved into the dining room to sing happy birthday and open presents and enjoy our pretty blue cake.  I was so thankful that my friends and family stepped up and took over for me: my friend Mandy took all of the pictures, Gracie cut the cake and Ashley passed out plates.  Shawn and I were able to just sit with Brees and enjoy the moment and that is totally my love language.  One of my favorite moments was when Brees opened a special Elsa doll from her cousins, the very same doll she had just wished for with her pixie dust, and screamed "Mom!!!  It happened!!!!".

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It was a day that I don't think that any of us will ever forget, one of those days that just sticks to your soul and reminds you of how blessed we are to get to raise these children.  When you see the sparkle in their eyes, when you witness their pure innocence and joy abound, it is inspiring.  The magic that we experienced that day will make me smile every time I think of it.  Shawn and I feel so blessed that God chose us to raise this incredible little girl.  She teaches us so much each day, encouraging us with her kind nature and inspiring us with her curiosity.  Happy birthday, little Breesie girl.  I hope that you experience a little magic each and every day, sharing your love and positive energy with every person you meet.



Brandi Nabors said...

GAAAHHHH!!! Could this have been any more precious!? I'll admit, I totally teared up reading all about Brees' party! I always read your posts, I just don't ever comment :D so I'm probably sounding like a real creeper HA!
Great job on the party by the way! Happy Birthday Brees!

Renee said...

What an AMAZING day!!! Those pictures are just priceless!!! (I just Love her face when she's looking at the Elsa doll she just wished for!)

Vanessa said...

Awww, I was tearing up reading this. She's already 4! That means Alexa's almost 4, too! Our babies are growing up so fast. I would also give anything to hear that duet with Elsa. She looks sooooo into it! <3 x infinity. That's an amazing birthday party.

Olivia said...

Thank you so much, Brandi! I LOVE hearing from people who read, not creeper at all:) I tear up every time I remember this party, it was such a great day!

Olivia said...

Thank you Renee! Her facial expressions in these pictures are all hilarious to me! She was SO happy!

Olivia said...

This post makes me tear up, too! It goes by so fast. It was a great party and she has already informed me that she wants Elsa to come back for her next "berfday party":)