Monday, March 4, 2013


The sun shone down upon us all weekend and brightened up our sleepy winter blues.
We've all come down with a severe case of spring fever, itching to run outdoors and find
our wild spirits again.  Though the air is still cold and wet and unforgiving, we broke out
our shovels and rakes this weekend and began preparing the ground for spring planting.  It
felt amazing to get our hands dirty again, to work up a sweat and anticipate all of the
beautiful things that will start growing soon.  We cut down overgrown vines and
hedges, marked off a plot of land for a new vegetable garden, and let the girls get as dirty
as they darn well pleased.  Shawn and my dad tried to push me out of the way the whole
time, stealing my tools and offering me chairs, urging me to sit and rest.  But, I didn't want
to rest.  I wanted to work, to do something that doesn't require needles and medications
and paperwork, to instead feel the sun on my face and my muscles aching from the strain
of the shovel.  After the work was down, we sat outside and talked and watched
the cars go by, delaying our trip back into the house for as long as possible.
We have big plans for our outdoor space this spring, a whole Pinterest board full of ideas.
The girls are so much happier when the weather is warm and the sun stays in the sky a
little later and they can stretch their little legs across the crisp green grass.  And we are
so much happier enjoying those moments with them: a family hard at work planting roots
into the earth that bears our last name.  It never really feels like work when you spend a
day outside together like that, leaves in our hair and dirt under our nails.  It just feels like 
time well spent relaxing and appreciating this beautiful place we are lucky enough to 
call home.
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Caitlin A. said...

Lovely post :) You do have a way with words.

It's hilarious to hear deep Southerners talk about spring fever...imagine raking into the ground with 4 feet of snow that just fell on it in the middle of April ;) Kidding of course.

Randalin said...

I am so desperate to get outdoors and the fact that you guys are outside without coats is making me sooooo jealous!!!

Olivia said...

I know, I know, we are so ridiculous when it comes to "cold" weather! It was 30 degrees this weekend and Shawn was worried about the pipes and the news caster was going on and on about the "treacherous road conditions"! HA! We are seriously warm blooded down here in the bayou!

Olivia said...

It's been beautiful here, I'm not even going to lie. On the plus side, I will be very jealous of you when it's August here, 110 degrees with humidity, and I am toddling around at 9 months pregnant. Can I travel to Canada that late in my pregnancy?!!