Wednesday, March 27, 2013

18 Weeks

This week was busy with activity and flew by before I really had time to reflect on
anything other than our overflowing calendar.  We planted our spring veggie garden and
spent a great deal of time outdoors thanks to the early spring weather.  It did my growing
body some good to be outside, stretching my legs and using all of my strength to beautify
our yard.  I have been walking as much as possible, doing yoga several times a week,
and hitting the gym whenever possible.  I find that the best way to keep the
pregnancy symptoms at bay is to stay active, to keep my muscles stretched and
engaged.  Brees is doing her part in keeping me strong by constantly requesting to be held
and carried on my hip.  She fits perfectly in the crook of my waist, her body molding itself
to my side, snuggling next to her baby brother or sister.  It's amazing to me how the
female body was designed, that little carrying place known as our hips that so
perfectly accommodates loving babies.
This week, we will find out the sex of our little one.  We have both dreamed of having a son
for quite some time now, longed to share our hearts with a little boy, a man who will
someday carry on our family name. But we also know and understand the depths of
a daughter's love, the countless ways that they can fill you with joy and wrap you around
their little fingers.  I haven't had any strong feelings either way but I love listening to
the predictions from friends, family members, even strangers.  "You're carrying a boy, I
can tell by your skin" or "That's a girl, look at how thick you are all the way around
your middle".  Either way, we will be happy and thankful to know our newest family member,
a child we have been blessed with during a time when we truly learned the meaning of faith
and love. Soon, we will know a little more about this baby and I feel like the real planning
can begin.  There's still so much to do, so many things to prepare.  And yet, in the
grand scheme of things, we've never been more ready.  
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Beautiful pictures!