Thursday, September 6, 2012


Disliking...the never ending heat.  I know, I know: you're tired of hearing me complain
about the heat.  But, seriously, we're over it.  It was 97 degrees today with 75% humidity
and all I could think of were scarves, pumpkins, and hot chocolate.  Sadly, we
won't experience such joys for at least another month of two here in the deep South. iced chai latte.  I very rarely ever eat out during the week, diligently
packing my lunch and a road cup full of herbal tea with me every morning.  Such
discipline saves money and calories and that makes my heart happy.  But, today was
grueling at work and I decided to splurge just a little.  I stopped at my favorite coffee shop
on the way home and got a latte and a double chocolate muffin.  The barista even warmed
my muffin for me, melting the chocolate chips just so.  The simple pleasures in life are
really priceless...

Learning...more about my camera.  I get lazy sometimes and shoot in "P" mode,
never getting the exact shot that I originally envisioned.  I've had my eye on a big girl
camera upgrade for a while now but have promised myself that I must fully commit
to shooting in manual full-time before taking the plunge.  It's just so intimidating!  Were
any of you scared to make the leap?  How did you finally commit?  Any tips you'd like
to share?
Loving...the fact that there's a football game on TV right now!  I'm typing this post
during commercials of the 2012 NFL season opener Cowboys vs. Giants game and we
could not be more thrilled.  We are huge football fans in this house and life just feels
more complete when the sounds of a cheering crowd fill the room.  Aren't we all?  I currently have 3 different to-do lists stored in my
phone, grocery shopping that needs to get done, a few different projects needing my
attention, and a slew of errands and doctor's appointments to tackle.  What's new?  Week
to week, it's all about staying organized, level headed, and positive.  Whatever gets done
gets done.  The rest is just lagniappe.
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Lucy The Valiant said...

Um, seriously with the heat? It's getting ridiculous! It was 104 here yesterday, and the metal car seat buckle touched Nessie's leg for a second when we were leaving school and BURNED her. Like, raised a blister and everything. Come on, South, get it together!
And yes, yay for football season!

jessiekay77 said...

I feel really bad for the South. I am from California, and for a long time, the south was getting our weather. 100 degrees or more, right? But wayyy more humid. I feel for ya. I don't think I could handle it. I am spoiled as a californian, I love the dry heat. I agree on to do lists. I have a major one calling my name right now. I just don't really want to answer.

Deanna Fike said...

i want some *real* fall weather too! it was already 81 degrees when i dropped gage off at school this morning!

Randalin said...

I'm totally over the heat too. I'm just so sick of SWEATING!

Iced latte's are totally my "indulgence of choice." I wouldn't say no to a chocolate chip muffin either :)

Summer Crosbie said...

Oh the heat. Sorry mama. Sean would love to move to NO but it's the heat/humidity that would kill me! As for the camera, you just have to go for it and try not to look back. Start off taking lots of pictures of nature or things you wouldn't care of the lighting or exposure being perfect until you get it. It won't take long!

Geaux Saints!

Sara said...

I think a latte and muffin are even better when you don't indulge in them all the time, it feels like such a treat! One you definitely deserve. :)

Caitlin A. said...

Good luck getting everything done, and I say go for the latte anytime you want, you've earned it ;)