Friday, August 17, 2012

Third Grade


Isabelle started school this week as a third grader.  I've spent the whole week 
wondering how my baby can be old enough to read and solve math problems and write 
in cursive.  Time certainly does fly.  This year is quite special as she is attending a 
new school, leaving behind the school she has attended since she was 
in preschool.  I have mixed feelings about this: as a rule, I don't like moving, I 
don't really like change.  I love being comfortable and knowing my surroundings and 
building a strong community.  But I know that this move is going to bring some 
positive changes into Belle's academic career.  Plus, her cousin and best friend Sarah 
was accepted and is making the move, too.  They are basically a package deal, these two.
And if there's anything we've learned over the last few months, it's that sometimes a 
change truly can do you good.

The first day of school was full of rituals: a big breakfast, arguments over which headband 
to wear, nervous jitters, and a sweet new backpack.  We met up with Sarah at my 
aunt's house for a photo shoot, the girls so excited in their new uniforms.  My aunt and 
I drove them to school: our first day tradition.  We walked them to class, meeting a few 
new faces along the way.  Everyone was friendly, the girls both smiling as they took
 their seats with their brave faces on.  I walked back to my car and cried a little bit, so 
proud of my daughter and her strong, confident character.  I knew that she would be fine 
at her new school, she would make new friends and integrate well.  Belle has a kind soul 
and a strong sense of self, she works hard and tries her best.  
What more could a mother ask for?



I made sure I was home every afternoon this week to greet her when she ran off the
 school bus: papers flying and stories spilling out of her mouth before she could even
 get down the driveway.  Shawn sits with her in the office and helps her with her 
homework while I make dinner and look after Brees.  My husband has worked on oil rigs
 in the Gulf of Mexico since Belle was born, traveling for work constantly and rarely home 
in the late afternoon homework hours.  He confided in me last night that one of the 
bright spots of his accident are that he can be home with us now, he can help his little 
girl learn her spelling words, watch her grow and change and develop.  Watching the two 
of them together, heads down and pencils sharpened: I can feel my soul beginning to 
heal from the trauma we have endured.  I can begin to see a purpose so much 
greater than us.    
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Deanna Fike said...

gage got his first ll bean backpack this year. :) i got one when i was fifteen, and i STILL use it on trips. those packs last forever.

and how awesome that belle has a best friend in the family. they will be friends forever.

Caitlin A. said...

Yay! Congrats to Isabelle! And hell yes for LL Bean backpacks - I thought we just used those in Maine (since LL Bean is a Maine company), does my heart good to see them nationally :)

Olivia said...

My fav brand for sure. They last forever and that means a lot with little kids who are pretty rough and tough!

Olivia said...

Me, too!!! I've had mine since I was in the Navy and it is still going strong. I don't mind paying good money for things when I KNOW they will last!