Friday, July 6, 2012

Sweet Friday

I can hardly believe that a week has gone by since Shawn was discharged from the 
hospital.  It feels as if we have lived a lifetime this past week, the days stretching longer 
and more full than I ever thought possible.  After leaving the hospital, we spent the 
night with Shawn's family in Arizona, enjoying dinner and our first night of freedom.  It 
was the first night my husband and I were able to sleep side by side in the same bed, 
my anxiety high as I cautiously watched him sleep.  Though I was happy to be out of 
the hospital, the pressure of being responsible for his well-being, the fear of something 
going wrong: it weighed heavily on my heart.  I prayed myself to sleep that night, focusing 
all my energy on being thankful that I could rest my head on his chest as I have done 
so many nights before.
We left early the next morning: Shawn, Uncle Gary, Uncle Scott, and myself.  We drove 
24 straight hours home to Louisiana, the uncles switching places back and forth behind 
the driver's seat, Shawn summoning all of his strength and patience to sit in a moving
 vehicle for that long.  We talked and listened to each other's stories, stopped at 
questionable truck stops, laughed and made the most of our time together.  This 
whole experience has brought our family so much closer and the ride home was the 
perfect way to solidify it all.  
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As we drove down the long driveway leading up to our house, I felt a deep sense of 
peace  and reassurance.  We were home, our home, the place we feel most alive, 
most comfortable.  We held our little girls for the first time in weeks, followed them
 around the house as they showed us all the cards and gifts they had made for us while 
we were gone.  We gathered around the kitchen table and enjoyed my mama's home 
cooking, bonding over a hot meal the Louisiana way.  It was a very surreal moment:
 realizing that we had made it, thankful to be present and together, but also sad that we 
had missed so much.  Three weeks had gone by and the world had continued to move 
and change and grow while we were gone.  Where do we fit in now?  How do we pick up 
the pieces and move on?

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And so we have spent the last few days trying to figure that out.  We immediately set
 to work unpacking and organizing, rearranging the house to make Shawn more
 comfortable, holding Brees as much as she requested and reading Isabelle an extra story 
or two before bed.  I ran errands, returned phone calls, bought groceries and became
 a regular at the pharmacy.  We went to the first of many follow-up appointments 
with Shawn's long list of doctors, a successful visit that left our spirits high.  I cooked 
and cleaned and gave our pets some much needed attention, watered plants and 
called repairmen.

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This is the next chapter, the part of our story that involves us binding together as a
 family and making the most of this situation.  The trauma and stress will not break us, 
we are so much stronger than that.  Through faith, love, and hard work: we made it
 through this week.  One small triumph after another, we will get through this.  


Sara said...

Your family is so strong and full of love that I really do think you can get through anything. It must be incredible to be back together as a family even with all of the adjusting and having to find a new rhythm. So happy for you all and that you are able to move forward from this terrible accident and look at the positive side of things even with so many changes happening. You are incredible. 

Randalin said...

It is so lovely to see your family together again. I've missed all your smiling faces! 

ashleywomble said...

So happy to see your family back together again.  

Christa Cox said...

Thanks for linking up today!
So sorry to hear about the hospital stuff! :( But im glad everything is ok!

Cpribyl8 said...

Lot's of thoughts and prayers coming your way. Love the photos you've shared. 

Bebe428 said...

Sending lots of love and prayers to you and your family. Having your husband home is a beautiful thing. While the road to recovery will be a long one, with the love you two have for each other and your strength - you will prevail.

♥ missi said...

I just read what happened and I am so sorry! I am so glad he is home with his family. You are an amazing wife and mother and I pray for you all!

That Mama Gretchen said...

Praise the Lord your hubby is on the road to recovery! You are such a brave mama!!! Glad you are all home together!