Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Seeing the Light

Our weekend was spent at home, enjoying my last few days before heading back to work 
on Monday.  Friends and family came in and out, bringing with them large dishes full of 
home cooked food.  My cousin helped me clean the house from top to bottom, unpacking 
the last of our suitcases and putting all the odds and ends away.  Jessica brought us 
more wound care supplies so that I would not have to go out to the pharmacy, AGAIN.  
My dad mowed the lawn, Chase took out the trash, our neighbor fed the dogs.  This time 
has shown us the real meaning of community.  It has brought the people in our lives 
together and revealed to us how blessed we are to have so many loving people in our
 lives.  Shawn and I rarely ask for help and have always prided ourselves in 
being independent, both of us living on our own since we graduated high school.  But 
this time has forced us to swallow our pride and accept the help that has been so 
graciously offered, it has enabled us to actually feel and experience love, to allow the 
people around us to be just a little bit closer.
And so we lounged and napped and rocked new baby cousins.  Shawn and I drank 
blueberry tea in bed and caught up on our neglected DVR.  We soaked up the last of 
my vacation days from work, cherishing this time and enjoying each other.  I spent most
 of Sunday night worried about my return to work this week, unsure of how I will balance
 it all, concerned about our finances, worried about my husband and how he will manage 
at home while I am away.  But then he wrapped me in his arms, one strong and 
ferocious, one bandaged and bruised, and told me not to worry.  We've come this far, the
 rest of the way is one step closer to the light at the end of the tunnel.
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Sara said...

Your love will get you through it all. I know sometimes when things are hard it can be difficult to think it will all turn out okay, but I think by keeping love alive and letting it help you through you will be fine. I think it's when people allow bitterness or negativity in that things don't work out, but with your positive attitude and supportive community you will come out of it all even stronger than before. So much love to you all during this time of transition. <3

Caitlin A. said...

So glad you guys are healing. Love you so much sweet friend!

Jodi Hall said...

You are amazing and so strong girl.. Sending your family all the prayers, love, and good thoughts this week :) ((((hug))))

Marie V said...

It is so beautiful to read you Liv. I am sure all the love you share will help you heal and step into the future peacefully. Sending my love and keeping you all in my prayers.


Nessa said...

I love this...  what a beautiful marriage you have.