Thursday, July 12, 2012


Missing...being outdoors.  We've reached that point: the time of year when 
summer becomes unbearable and the temperatures soar into the upper 90's most 
days.  Even the water in our swimming pool is warm.  Since getting home last week, we 
have been hiding out indoors between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm, saving our outdoor 
time for the early mornings and late afternoons.  The gardens are suffering and so is 
my front porch swinging time.  I long for fall and we are not even in August yet. 
 Oh, Louisiana, I just can't quit you!!
Dreaming...about dreaming.  I haven't slept soundly in many moons.  I am the 
last to go to bed and the first to wake up, my days stretching longer and longer.  The
 best part of being in the hospital for 3 weeks: we took lots and lots of naps.  This 
weekend, Shawn and I are planning a Sunday afternoon nap date, no exceptions.  I will
 be lazy and indulge myself in a nap before my undereye circles become any 
more prounounced.
Loving...being home again.  The smell of our house, snuggling up on my couch, 
cooking in my own kitchen, bathing in my big bathtub: there really is nothing like being
 in your own sacred space.  I have loved catching up on all my emails and blog reading, 
sifting through my favorite magazines, putting fresh sheets on the beds, eating 
homegrown tomatoes.  This place is where we belong. a story one of my patients told me today.  She went to the 
grocery store, stocked up on her weekly supplies, got home to unload everything 
and realized that she still had her hot rollers in her hair.  She laughed at herself and 
said, "Now this is why I love getting older: people look at me with curlers in my hair 
and just think I'm old and bat shit crazy!  I don't ever have to be self conscious the way
 that I was when I was younger because people just expect us old folk to do things like
 that.  It's liberating!".  My patients always have a way of making me look at life in a half
 full kind of light.
Wishing...for good health, positive thoughts, and continued strength and courage. 
 It takes a lot of work to make it through a crisis the way that our family is attempting 
to: mentally, physically, and spiritually.  I pray that we can continue to navigate through 
this time with grace and love, relying on each other and believing in the magic 
of possibility.


Harvesting Kale

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Deanna Fike said...

yuck. i feel the same way about alabama weather right now. yesterday it rained for the first time in a month, and the temperature was mid 80s instead of 100! i wish it were october. :) yeah, yeah. i know i shouldn't be wishing my life away. 

Randalin said...

Kris and I are pretty big fans of the nap date! As soon as Kale falls asleep on the weekend for a nap, we're doing the same. I don't know what we'll do when he stops napping! 

I love the story from your patient. I can't wait to be a crazy old lady. 

Molly W said...

My husband and I do "nap dates" on the weekends too since our *almost 6 month old still doesn't sleep through the night. Also I feel your pain -- it's been 90+ degrees every day the last few weeks in WI too. I'm so ready for fall. 

Anonymous said...

Nap date? I like it. I will have to discuss with the Chatman household!

kristy said...

Oh Liv, iv'e just been catching up. Your story is so terrifying, what an amazingly brave woman you are, I had to wipe away many tears while reading part 1, I'm so happy to hear your home smiling again and most of all together again. Hugs Kristy. 

♥ missi said...

Your girls are beautiful.

SadieDear said...

I'm with you, missing the outdoors too! Even when it went to 100+ a few eeks ago, I was still ok outside because it wasn't humid. This week, the humidity fell on Alabama like a wet sauna blanket, and it sent me packing! Yucky.

Olivia said...

I dream about October every single day!!!!!

Olivia said...

I can't wait, either.  I plan to do lots of weird shit and say whatever is on my mind!

Olivia said...

Nap dates are the best and so important with little babies in the house!!!  

Olivia said...

Thank you, sweet friend.  We are all recovering slowly but surely!!

Olivia said...

Humidity is in full effect here in Louisiana, too!!!  I feel so gross by the time I get home from work!!

The Suttons said...

Oh my goodness, your children are beautiful!  And nap dates are absolutely wonderful, we do that as well.  :)