Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Together at the Zoo

We spent our Thanksgiving vacation resting, enjoying the great outdoors, and playing
with friends.  The men went hunting in the early morning hours and the ladies went
shopping, careful to avoid the chaotic Black Friday crowd.  On Saturday, with the sun
shining and the temperature crisp and cool, we explored the local zoo.  Filled with
exotic animals and lots of opportunities for animal interactions, the babies had a
wonderful time running free.  Shawn and I love zoology parks just as much as our girls,
both animal lovers to our core.  This zoo featured elephants and giraffes, cougars and
the most beautiful lion.  Any opportunity to be outside, enjoying the weather and
appreciating nature, is a good day for me.

Our favorite part of our zoo adventure was feeding a sweet little family of giraffes.  They
were so lovely and graceful, quiet and soft.  Isabelle giggled for hours about their long
tongues and how quickly they gobbled up their snacks.  Brees gazed at them with her
big eyes, taking in the site of these gorgeous creatures.
After lunch, we took a train ride around the park, all of us growing sleepy as we chugged
along slowly.  Brees rested our head in my neck while Isabelle napped on her
Daddy's shoulder.  They were tired but happy, all their energy spent in a positive
way.  Another happy adventure to take away from our family vacation.

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Anonymous said...

looks like such a fun trip! I love the zoo too :D

Caitlin said...

I love the zoo, even without children, hehe!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

What a FANTASTIC way to spend the day