Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to Brees!!

Dear Brees,
Today we will celebrate your first birthday, rejoice in everything that is you.  It is hard
to believe that one year ago today, we were in the hospital, hoping and praying and
working to bring you into our world.  You have changed my life in ways I could have
never imagined, made me the happiest I have ever been.  You have made our family grow
in love and strength and have added a big bright light to our world.  I truly believe God put
us all together for a reason, that He intended us all to share our lives together.
I love you for your curiosity, your calm demeanor, your peaceful energy.  From the
moment you were first placed in my arms, I have felt a very strong connection to you, I
have felt that we were kindred spirits.  Thank you for the beautiful smile you give me when
I sing to you.  Thank you for the way your face lights up when I walk into the room.
Thank you for being so affectionate and for giving your family so many hugs and kisses.
You are truly a sweet, kind, and gentle soul.
I have thought about your birth story all week, replayed that special day last November
in my head over and over.  The day we were blessed beyond belief, the day my heart
grew even bigger.  You make your daddy and I so proud, you have made your sister so
happy and given her a lifelong best friend.  I look forward to watching you grow and
change and become your own person.  I look forward to whatever our future holds, the
many adventures and ups and downs life has in store.  Someday, when you are older and
you read back on these memoirs I have kept for you and your sister, I hope that your heart
is filled with the love I have for you.  I hope that, for the rest of your life, not a day goes
by that you don't know how much you are LOVED.  For if I can show you even an ounce
of the love you have shown me, our hearts will truly be filled.
Happy birthday, Brees Elizabeth!!!  We love you so much!!

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i was thinking of you this morning. :) and obviously this post has made me tear up. i'm glad no one else is awake to see me sniffle over my first cup of coffee.

happy birthday, brees!!

Jess said...

Happy birthday, little Miss Brees! :)

Hilary@BabyMooHoo said...

ahhhh, i'm all sniffly & teary-eyed after reading this and seeing those gorgeous pictures. happy birthday, brees!

Lucy The Valiant said...

Happy birthday, sweet Brees!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Awww happy birthday sweet girl.

Sarbear said...

Happy Birthday to precious little Brees. :)


MarieHarmony said...

I was waiting for Brees birthday and I have to say your post has moved me in many ways. I wish Brees a beautiful birthday and to all of you many many wonderful years fill with love and joy to come.
A lovely day to all!

rachel said...

happy bithday Brees!

Jodi said...

Happy birthday little one!! :)

Caitlin said...

Happy birthday beautiful girl! Hope mom and dad are holding out with only a few tears :)

Little Gray Pixel said...

Happy birthday baby girl! Your mommy loves you so much it's contagious, and therefore I love you too!

Have a great day and may your second year be as great as the first. :-)

Indi said...

What a beautiful, sweet 1-year-old! Happy Birthday to your Brees!

Randalin. said...

Happy birthday Brees!