Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dusting Off My Keyboard

Our summer has been filled with sweet memories, hot and humid days that stretched far into the night, family time bustling with activity.  It has been a good few months.

There's a healthy dose of chaos mixed into our home life that I am learning to embrace.  After a long day at work, I often crave a few moments of silence at the end of the day, time to just breath and be still.  I rarely get that, however, as I am met at the door by very excited little people who want their mommy front and center.  Nurse clothes off, mom clothes on.  The volume in the house grows right along with their little feet, each child finding their voice and their style, growing into their individual personalities while still growing closer in their hearts.  It's crazy around here, in other words, and we are loving this busy season in our lives that is raising three children.

I turned 35 this summer, a birthday filled with homemade cards and a chocolate cake made by my husband and lots and lots of love.  My thirties have been good to me: I feel strong and sure of where I am going in my life and proud of what we have accomplished.  I have grown softer, not so cynical, more empathetic.  I am working on becoming a better listener and have felt my connections with people grow as a result.  We all just want to be heard, after all, and nothing makes people feel more loved than when they feel as though you are really listening to them, seeing them for who they truly are.  I get a deep sense of comfort in that feeling.

That is where I am right now: digging deeper, getting closer, finding truth in myself and in others.  I feel stripped bare at this point in my life, no bullshit, no drama, just a constant search for peace and serenity.  Each day is filled to the brim with life and love and I am focused on the here and now. With each passing year I am reminded that none of this is guaranteed, the future is a hope and a wish but by all means it is never written in stone.  Live for today and make it count: loud kids, messy house and all.



Vanessa said...

Yay! So happy to see an update. The kids are all getting so big, and I really don't know how to handle all of Brees' hair. So darling. Happy belated birthday! (Hope you saved a piece of that delicious cake for me.) ;-)

Nicole Hallford said...

Wonderful! And happy birthday!

Marie said...

It feels good to read you again Liv!
Crazy is good sometime. I mean crazy with kids can even be great...
A late happy birthday to you my dear.