Monday, December 16, 2013

The Christmas Diaries: Gang's All Here

This Christmas season has been my most favorite yet!  Maybe it's the girls' ages and how into it they are, maybe it's the phase of life we're in and our commitment this year to slow down.  We have been soaking in each and every day since Thanksgiving and making the most of our time together as a family: relishing in our longstanding traditions and rejoicing over making new ones.  This week, I want to take a moment to reflect on all of these magical Christmas memories we are making, these days I don't ever want to forget.  These are moments that I want my kids to remember forever, days that I hope to share with our grandchildren, traditions that will be passed down and talked about for years to come.  Because these are not days to waste away, they are a part of our story.  Every ornament, every snow globe, every trip to look at lights and every song we sing around the piano: these moments define us as a family.

This week, Shawn's mother and stepfather flew in from Arizona for an early Christmas celebration. I am so thankful that they came BEFORE Christmas, before all of the hustle and bustle, the sugar/gift overload frenzy.  They were our calm before the storm, a week filled with quality grandparent love. The girls soaked all of the attention in and baby River was able to meet his Nana and Papa for the very first time.  He was smitten, of course.

My father in law is the kind of man who likes to "piddle" around the house.  Give him a honey do list and you won't see him again until you call him in for supper.  He fixed lighting fixtures and chopped firewood and installed a brand new faucet for my kitchen sink.  In return, I fattened him up good, the Southern way, with a roast and mashed potatoes and my cornbread dressing and more desserts than he's probably had all year.  It was a nice arrangement, really.

My mother in law gave everyone haircuts, including Brees' first haircut ever.  There was lots of bribery involved but she pulled it off and Brees is now sporting a fresh new do.  Nana spoiled the kids in the way that only a Nana can: taking them shopping and on movie dates and staying up late reading books. My mother in law is THE most thoughtful gift giver and I almost cried when I opened up my gift: my first ring sling, something she knew that I would love and use daily.  And when she asked us all to dress in matching "Duck Dynasty" pajamas and take a family photo, I couldn't help but smile and eagerly agree.  Her youthful joy is contagious and I will cherish those photos forever.

Shawn and I are so thankful that our kids had the chance to spend a week with their grandparents. Every time they leave to fly home to Arizona, I cry and hope and wish for a day that we can all live closer.  There is no gift greater for a child than the love of a grandparent.  Especially at Christmas time. 

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Marie said...

Looks like you had fabulous days already, filled with much love and happiness. May you keep sharing the spirit of Christmas with you loved ones all along the holiday season!
Love from France Liv.