Thursday, December 5, 2013


Advent is a time for our family to reflect on what Christmas really means to us.  It is a time for us to be together in prayer, to spend time making our hearts open and ready for the coming of Christ. Advent is a time for acts of service, it is a time to practice humility and compassion.  It is a way to teach our kids that the most rewarding thing a person can do is to serve another, to give of yourself, to spread love and light to those in need.  

I read an article this week that said that because we as Christians feel that the gift of Christmas is so great, because we feel such awe and wonder at what happened on that first Christmas, celebrating just one day is not enough.  The season of Advent is intended to serve as a preparation period for what is to come, it is meant to help us reflect on the true meaning of this very special holiday.  I love that perspective.  Taking time each day to do something special together, whether big or small, to spend extra time in prayer, to perform acts of service: it just makes this time that much more meaningful.

The Advent season is here and, to celebrate, I made an Advent calendar this weekend.  It was a very simple project inspired by Pinterest here and here.

First, I found an old frame in our barn that fit the rustic aesthetic I was going for.


I painted the frame using a primer/paint in one in a bright, minty green color.  I did a bit of distressing after the paint was on using a wire brush and sand paper.


Next, Shawn and I stapled 4 pieces of twine to the back of the frame.  I made half hitch knots on either side of the staples to prevent the twine from slipping out from under the staple.  We made sure to pull the twine very tight to prevent sagging.


I purchased these awesome tags and slipped a message inside each one.  I attached the tags to the twine using mini clothespins that I purchased at Hobby Lobby.


In less than two hours, we hung our sweet new Advent calendar up in our living room!


The girls were so excited and so was baby River!  They have loved opening up each day's message. So far, we have discussed Advent and shared our thoughts on what Christmas means to us, we've decorated our Christmas tree, and we've written letters to Santa.  

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Of all the traditions Shawn and I have adopted since becoming parents, putting all of these ideas together and celebrating these special moments is by far my favorite.  I can't wait to watch our kids' eyes light up each day as they see what's in store for them next!

Some of the activities we have planned:

Write a letter of encouragement to someone in need
Visit Santa at the mall and have your photo taken
Family Christmas movie night
Bake and decorate Christmas cookies
Make handmade ornaments
Donate toys and clothes to a family in need
Read the Christmas story
Holiday light safari at the zoo
Make placemats to be used at Christmas dinner
Make salt dough ornaments
Decorate a gingerbread house
Pick out a gift for your siblings using your own money
Cook a meal and deliver it to someone in need
Send out Christmas cards to our loved ones

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marie said...

I love to read about the way you are getting ready for Christmas, Liv. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
Love to all. Take care.

Deanna Fike said...

i love your advent suggestions. so much better than a toy or piece of candy!