Friday, November 8, 2013

Stats: Month Two


River at two months:

Weight/Height: 14 lbs 24 inches (90th percentile)

Feeding:  River has fallen into a more predictable feeding schedule, nursing every 3-4 hours during the day and 2-3 times per night.  He wakes up for his first feeding of the day around 7 am and the rest of the day goes from there.  We are still following the EASY routine and leaving the house has become easier as I am better able to predict when he will be hungry.  I am no longer engorged or sore and my milk supply has leveled off.  I still have to block nurse for the first few feedings of the day due to a heavy morning supply.  Block nursing is super helpful with forceful letdown: when letdown occurs, take the baby off the breast, cover your breast with a towel or cloth to absorb the milk flow.  Once the milk flow has slowed down, put baby back on the breast.  This helps the baby to deal with a forceful letdown and avoid gagging, choking, spitting up, etc.  It really works!  

As good as my supply is in the morning, it tends to decrease dramatically in the early evenings.  I had to call myself out on the fact that this is our family's busiest time of the day and I have neglected myself and fallen into bad habits of not eating or drinking enough water.  I am trying to be more intentional about having a glass of water near while I make dinner, help with homework, and orchestrate bath time.  No matter how busy things get, it is important to take care of myself so that I can take care of River.


Sleep:  River's naps have fallen into a more routine cycle this month.  He wakes up around 7, nurses, gets dressed and plays for about an hour, and then takes a morning nap.  He wakes up again around 10, nurses, plays, and then goes down for a mid day nap.  This cycle is repeated throughout the day until bed time at 7 pm.  He sleeps in his bassinet in our room for naps and in the big bed with Shawn and I at night.  I rock him to sleep every chance I get.

As good as nap times are going, night time sleep has been incredibly unpredictable.  Some nights are great, with River sleeping as much as 5 hours at a time.  Other nights, we are up all night with a wide awake baby.  It differs every single night despite our consistency and night time routine.  Such is the way with infants, however, and we have learned to just be thankful for the good nights.  He is sleeping in his cosleeper much better but still prefers to be right next to me, head on my shoulder, arm around my neck.  I don't mind one bit.


Milestones:  This month, River went on his first hiking trip and his first trip to the zoo.  He slept through both adventures but we're sure he had a great time regardless.  He also gave us his first smile, a moment that made everyone in the family cheer and shout!


Personality:  River is the sweetest boy and has really captured all of our hearts.  Belle and Brees have done an amazing job adjusting to the new baby and we saw them begin to bond with their baby brother this month.  They went through their toys and found things they thought he might like, waving dolls and rattles in his face during tummy time and entertaining him more than any activity mat ever could. River spends much of his day in his wrap, preferably outdoors.  He has become much more alert this month and likes to be up on my shoulder looking around.  He gets really excited when Shawn plays guitar for him.  Bath time has gotten better and he no longer cries through the whole process.  


Health:  River had some colic issues this month, getting very fussy in the early evening hours and struggling with gas pains.  We had several nights of crying for hours at a time no matter what we did and it was exhausting for all of us.  I have cut dairy out of my diet and started River on infant probiotics and the colic symptoms have subsided considerably.  Hopefully, his digestive system will continue to improve as his little body develops.

We really enjoyed this month with our precious boy.  The whole family seems to have emerged from the newborn haze and we are venturing out more and more together.  It feels good to be active again, to get out into the world with River.  This month, I feel proud of how well we have all come together and worked as a team to adjust to life with a new baby.  The whole family seems to have taken a collective deep breathe and the stress and chaos of the early days has subsided.  Happy two months of life, River Scott!  Feel free to slow time down, okay?

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