Friday, November 1, 2013

Rain, Rain, and a Little Candy

Sometimes it rains on Halloween.  You think the weather might clear up but then it actually gets worse and the rain becomes torrential downpours, thunder and lightening, tornado warnings and flash floods.

Sometimes you have to change your plans because of said rain.  The hayride gets cancelled, door to door trick or treating becomes impossible, and the outdoor backyard party gets rescheduled.

Sometimes you just have to decide to go for it and make the best of it regardless of what the Weather Channel and the all knowing people on Facebook are predicting.

Sometimes you have to go easy on yourself and accept the fact that you don't have the perfect coordinated family costume theme you really wish you did.  You are not that family this year.  Maybe next year, though.  Don't give up the dream!

Sometimes a community will come together and hold a make shift Halloween carnival in the town auditorium to give families a place to celebrate.  They will come up with food and candy and games and a place to take refuge from the rain.

Sometimes you just have to take your kids out for pizza after said make shift carnival because you feel guilty that their Halloween was a bust and they didn't get very much candy.

Sometimes your kids will surprise you with how happy they are despite all of the above "sometimes". They will wear their rubber boots with their costumes, play games, visit with friends, dance along to "Thriller" on the jukebox at the pizza joint and remind you that they don't need a lot of bells and whistles.  All they need is family, a couple of Tootsie Rolls, and a slice of pepperoni with extra cheese to call the night a success.  And it will be.

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Deanna Fike said...

i love the new blog look! i'm glad you all still had a great halloween. you know, the kids don't really care whats going long as their is candy. :)

Marie said...

Love the ending of your post Liv! Kids can turn anything is something quite special. A family and much love around, it's all what they need.

Vanessa said...

Nice new look for ye ole blog! I have been thinking about making the leap to Wordpress, but I just can't seem to shake Blogspot yet. Maybe if I could bring myself to update more than once a week ... baby steps.

Halloween is one of those holidays that never works out as you envision, at least in my experience. I always think we'll have the perfect family costume, and it never works out that way. Didn't Shawn dress up like DJ Lance Rock one year? That was suh-weet!