Monday, August 12, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

Here in the deep South, the month of August is a time for hibernation. The heat and humidity are so overwhelming that spending time outdoors becomes nearly impossible, completely unenjoyable for sure. Even with our swimming pool right outside our back door, the sweltering heat is enough to keep us indoors. Heat advisories have been all over the news for the last week as temperatures reached 100 degrees with 60% humidity. We say extra prayers at Mass each week for the farmers and their crops, so desperate for rain and an end to this dry season. We remain grateful, however, that the climate here in the Delta allows us to be outside for much of the rest of the year. Just as those who live up North spend time indoors in the bitter winter months, we hide out during summer's climax. This is our time to build blanket forts, play dress up, and use every square inch of our wild imaginations to keep us from going stir crazy. We take full advantage of our air conditioning and stock up on popsicles and big stacks of books. Our time outdoors is limited to the very early morning and a few hours in the evening after dinner, IF we're brave enough to fight off the fleet of mosquitoes who selfishly inhabit our backyard this time of year. But, we know it won't last forever. Soon, it will be time for pumpkins and cardigans and the promise of a cool, crisp October day. Soon, we'll sing Louisiana's praises once again as we head back outdoors for the mild winter we value so much. We've had a lovely summer but, with all due respect, we'll be glad to see these dog days move right along. We're itching to get back outside and jump in a couple of rain puddles, okay?

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Randalin said...

I see that Brees has picked up some sassy poses from her older sister :)

Deanna Fike said...

brees looks SO much older now that she seems to have sprouted a foot of hair over the summer. :)

Olivia said...

Unreal, right? She has suddenly discovered how to put her hands on her hip, I don't know when this all happened but she is suddenly VERY girly:)

Olivia said...

I know!!! She has grown into quite the little character this summer with a personality all her own!