Sunday, August 4, 2013

36 Weeks

This week, we were able to enjoy our final ultrasound before the baby is born.  The
ultrasound tech took her time and showed us each part of our son's anatomy, reassuring
us that everything is checking out just fine.  The baby is head down already and
her measurements showed that he already weighs a little over 7 pounds: no big
surprise considering our girls were both over 9 pounds each at birth.  As she made her
way from the tips of his toes (snuggled all the way inside my rib cage) to the top of his head,
she was able to get the most perfect glimpse of his sweet little face.  Shawn and I both
gasped when we saw him: his full lips, big cheeks, hands resting right under his chin.  It was
the most surreal moment, seeing that little face we've been dreaming of, alive and real
and looking so much like his sisters already.  We couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces for
the rest of the day.
We also visited the doctor this week.  She delivered the great news that I am currently 2
cm dilated and about 20% effaced.  I know better than to let this kind of news fool me
into thinking that I'll be going into labor any time soon: history tends to repeat itself when
it comes to all things labor and delivery and the girls both took their sweet time getting here.
I plan to work up until the week of my due date and have quite a few things to get situated
at the office before that day comes.  It's important to me to leave all of my work
commitments fulfilled and to have all of my patients' needs met before taking maternity
leave.  Because when I finally do bid them all farewell for a few months, I don't plan to
look back.  I am beyond excited to sink into my role as a stay at home mother for a while.
I have worked so hard throughout this pregnancy to save all of my paid time off days up, to
fill up our savings account as much as possible, and to fulfill all of my work
responsibilities regardless of how tired I've felt.  Now, it's time to enjoy all of the rewards
that hard work will bring us: time at home, with my family, uninterrupted and full of love.
It's time to leave my role as a nurse behind for a little while and just enjoy being a mother.
To say that I am excited for this role change would be an understatement. 
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Renee said...

You look Beautiful! I remember when we first saw our boys faces during our scans,it just made everything seem so real and so Amazing!

Olivia said...

Thank you!! It definitely feels more real after seeing his face, it was just amazing!

Vanessa said...

You are absolutely radiant. I met a brand-new baby today and sniffed her head. I think I'm getting the fever.

jodihall said...

You are rocking that bump.. Totally spiking my baby fever too lol

Ashley said...

I've loved all your pictures, but I truly think this is my favorite.

Sara said...

Helllloooo lovely lady! Can't wait to see a picture of those cheeks! :)