Thursday, May 14, 2015

My (Non) Quiet Running Mind: As Told Through 4 Sunrise Miles


Ugh, I'm tired.
My legs feel like tree trunks this morning. No, like actual tree trunks. Why are they so heavy? Am I even moving? Are we there yet?
Let's just get through this. I'm going to be so busy today. 7 patients to see, Girls On The Run, piano for Belle, Shawn has physical therapy.
Seriously, are we there yet?
Good morning, God. Thank you for this day. Thank you for allowing me to know You. Thank you for my family, my friends, this moment. I start this day feeling grateful. A little grumpy, but grateful. Thank you for this amazing sunrise.
Oh, the sunrise is really beautiful this morning! Good morning cows! I wonder who owns those cows? I've passed by them so often that I feel like I know them. They look so relaxed and rested, unlike myself. My slow moving, can't catch my breathe tired self.
Slow it down, Liv. BREATH.
Did I put the clothes in the dryer last night? Shit, I don't think I did. One more thing to do when I get home.
Brees wants oatmeal for breakfast. She will be waiting for me when I get home. "Did you have a good run, Mommy?". She is so thoughtful and kind. I love that she always asks me how I am, how I'm doing.
I need to call MY mom and check on her and make sure everything's all set for her surgery. That will make her feel a little more calm, I think, to have that support. I know she's nervous even though she's playing it cool.
God, please protect my mom and take care of her during this surgery. Please bless her with good health, no complications, and a smooth recovery.

Oh, hello lungs! Thanks for coming to work today! Ahhh, it feels good to catch my breathe.
Hey, that new building on the corner is really coming along! I still don't know what they're building there, I need to ask my neighbor, she always knows about that kind of stuff.
I need to get those clothes out of the attic for Amy. She'll be having the baby before I even pass my maternity clothes on to her at this point. I miss being pregnant. Will I ever be pregnant again? Will I ever get over the yearning to be pregnant?
Lord, I trust in You and Your plan for us. Please help Shawn and I to be accepting of Your will, help us to have faith in You, to trust in the journey set out before us. Help us to make the most of each day, each phase, each chapter, help us to slow down and enjoy where we are, right now.
The weather is so perfect today. I love these early morning runs, the quiet, the crisp air.
Did Shawn remember to change the air filter? I need to ask him. I need to put it on the calendar so we don't forget.
I need to sit down with the whole damn calendar and start planning for the summer. So many camps, trips, weekends, recitals.
I can't wait for our trip to Arkansas. A new place to explore. We're totally going to do a birthday run while we're there.
What's for dinner tonight? I forgot what's on the meal plan. I'm loving all of the outdoor meals we've been doing lately. Have to get them in before the hellacious summer heat sets in.
AH, running in summer!!!!

Oh hello legs! Glad you could join the party!
My right IT band has been really tight lately, I need to get to yoga this week and work it out.
I need to get the girls to the dentist this month. When's the last time I've been to the dentist? Does anyone actually have time to go to the dentist? Maybe when the semester is over.
Thank God finals are over! A whole week to relax before the summer session starts.
I can't believe I'm in school again. It feels so good to be back at it. I've really learned a lot this semester. Mostly about how much I DON'T know. Holy crap there's a lot of information out there.
Oh, I love this song!!
"You'll come, let Your glory fall when you respond to us.
Spirit rain, flood into our thirsty hearts again!"
My heart feels so full. There's not a cloud in the sky! What a beautiful way to start the day!
I definitely needed this. This is way better than sleeping in! I will feel so rested after I'm down with this run, even if I did start out with tree trunk legs.
I remember climbing trees with my brother when we were little. We weren't scared of anything. I want to take the kids on a real camp out this year. River might be a little young but maybe we could do a mini trip?
I think I'm going to add apples to my overnight oats today. Should I do a Whole 30? Everyone's doing Whole 30s these days. I don't think I'm willing to eat that much meat, though. Or cut out quinoa. I freakin' love quinoa.
I do want to make my own kombucha, though. Julie said she has a scoby I can have.

My legs feel so good today. The weight lifting sessions are definitely improving my running endurance.
I can't wait for our summer boot camp group to start up. That's going to be a fun little push. And working out with friends is awesome.
I want to start a running group. Maybe a once a week thing? I don't know. Running alone is pretty awesome, too.
Did Belle pack her book bag last night? I need to fill out her field trip form this morning.
Only a few more weeks and we're home free! Goodbye 5th grade! How is she already in junior high?
We need to work on scrapbooks this summer. I can't even believe how far behind we are on photo albums and scrapbooks. I wish there were people you could pay to do that kind of stuff for you.
And someone to clean the house, too. Yeah, I need someone to do that for me as well.
God, thank you for this moment! Thank you for making me strong! Thank you for giving me peace in my heart! Help me to get through this day and to be the best version of myself that I can be!
Oh cool! Negative splits for the last 2 miles! My legs really woke up!
There's the car. Oh, over so soon? Maybe I should go around the block and squeeze in one more mile?
No, Brees will be waiting for me. And I've got to get Belle's skirt into the dryer. Man, what a beautiful run this has been.
This song is the perfect way to start my day!
"Oh no, you never let go
Through the calm and through the storm
In every high and every low
You never let go of me!"
Let's go legs, sprint it all the way to the car!
Run hard, run strong, run with pure joy!

Well, that was awesome.


Renee said...

Haha, Love it! There's no such thing as a quiet run, even when your running solo!

ashley said...

I totally get this.