Friday, October 11, 2013

Wear Them

In honor of International Baby Wearing Week, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from my Instagram of baby River in his two favorite places: the Ergo and the Solly Wrap.   
My passion for baby wearing runs almost as deep as my passion for breast feeding. Wearing my babies has made the postpartum period so much easier with all of those hormones releasing due to that crazy good skin to skin contact.  It allows me to be hands free and able to tend to older siblings and household responsibilities.  And best of all, nothing calms a fussy River like placing him in his wrap and getting some fresh air. I love to smell the top of his head and sneak in a kiss or two while I go about my day, I love to feel him close to me as he watches the world in the safety of my arms.  Even as I sit here typing this post, my baby boy is snoring against my chest in his wrap.  Content and happy and close.  
Cheers to wearing them!

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Jessica said...

Great pictures. I loved my Ergo. I still keep it in my car, just in case. My husband laughs at me because Jude's WAY too big for it, but I just can't bring myself to pack it away.
Give River plenty of squishy cheek kisses for me. :)

Randalin said...

I cannot wait to start wearing #2!! Kris and I both have so many sweet memories of wearing Kale as a baby.