Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pajama Party

I never made it out of my pajamas yesterday.  I had every intention of getting dressed and starting my day as I always do: with a freshly washed face, brushed hair, a loose idea of what I want to accomplish.  But, yesterday, those things never happened.  Every time I attempted to walk into the bathroom to put my face on, someone called me right back out. River peed through at least three diapers, reminding me that I have still not mastered diapering a baby boy yet (yes, there is a major difference between changing girl diapers and boy diapers and I have been peed on multiple times thus far).  There was no putting him down yesterday and he spent most of the day against my chest in his wrap.  Brees was up at 6 am doing her best impression of the Energizer Bunny, getting into mischief around every corner and following me around like a little duck.  She was hungry, she was thirsty, she snuck into her sister's room and ransacked it, she peed on the floor after attempting to change her own diaper, etc.  Isabelle called home from school crying after vomiting several times that morning.  Shawn left me with the two little kids and raced off to school to pick her up, Sprite and saltine crackers on the ready.  It was a busy, messy day.
So, I just stayed in my pajamas and embraced my crazy hair and wiped up all the bodily fluids and we got through it.  We set Isabelle up in bed with plenty of fluids and allowed her to watch as much Netflix as she wanted to.  Brees used all of her pent up energy to carry crackers and stuffed animals and any other request Belle had up and down the stairs.  "I take care of my Sissy!" she declared proudly.  And River, well, he just slept happily on his mama and I can't say that I minded one bit.  At some point during the day, we went outside for some fresh air and a little peace of mind.  Brees did some exploring in the back yard and River nursed on the porch while I drank my tea.  In my pajamas.  With messy hair.   And a whole lot of love.
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