Wednesday, February 27, 2013

14 Weeks

I can hardly believe we are past the first trimester already: 14 weeks today.  This
pregnancy has been exhausting so far and I have felt sick and tired (literally) for the last
two months.  Who are we kidding with the title "morning sickness"?  It's all day, everyday,
for me and this little baby.  And the exhaustion: it's all I can do to keep my eyes open past
8 pm.  I feel like this pregnancy has hit me harder than the two before, the symptoms
much more severe and longer lasting.  Shawn swears this is because I am carrying a son
this time, a strong little boy who is taking up more energy already.  Wishful thinking for
that husband of mine.

All of this sickness has caused me to slack off in most areas of my life these days.  My 
usual abundance of energy is nonexistent and I find myself having to say No to things I 
usually volunteer for.  The house is not as clean and organized as I would like, we've 
had waffles for dinner more times than I care to admit, and I've become a virtual stranger 
at the gym.  But that's okay, things will pick back up and we'll fall back into our groove 
soon.  For now, I have to focus on taking care of the here and now, the rest can wait 
until tomorrow.
Nausea, vomiting, and generalized fatigue aside, this pregnancy has been a beautiful
journey so far.  I carry a deep sense of ease with each new day, understanding and trusting
in my body as it falls into the natural rhythm of growing a baby.  I find myself smiling
every time I catch a glimpse of my growing belly, imagining the baby growing right along
with me.  With two little ones underfoot, I don't have as much time to daydream and pine
away as I did for my first and even second pregnancy.  But, I've been trying to be
intentional about taking the time to reflect and process this experience regardless of how
busy life is right now.  Even though there are days when I wish we could speed this
whole process along and meet the baby right now, I am thankful that we have 9 whole
months to prepare ourselves in every way for this life changing event.  It is a time for
rest, growth, preparation, and, at least for now, more saltine crackers than I ever care to
eat again.
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Caitlin A. said...

Your bump is so adorable, as are you of course :) <3 Hope you get some of your energy back soon!

Ashley said...

You are so beautiful. You are also phenomenal to be documenting this pregnancy! Usually by the second or third there are no pics and no baby book!! ha! Can't wait to see you!

Bianca said...

I've been reading your latest blog posts and just haven't been able to comment (just had my second baby).
Congrats to you, Shawn, Isabelle and Breese. Adding another person to your beautiful and amazing family is a gift. I look forward to reading more about your pregnancy, but will understand if it only comes in bits and pieces. (I certainly did not document my second as well as my first).
Your pictures (both from this post and the announcement post) are gorgeous. You look amazing and the Louisiana backdrop is breathtaking.
My second pregnancy was also very similar to your third in that (although i was carrying a girl) - I felt vastly different in terms of morning sickness and exhaustion the second time around. I knew immediately that it was a girl because of how different I felt. I'm betting your husband is spot on!

Raechel @ Our Island Outlook said...

Ahhh loved reading this post, and I can't wait to read subsequent weekly posts! <3

Jessica said...

You look so cute! :)

Kara Motts said...

You are radiant!!!!

Olivia said...

Thank you!! I don't FEEL radiant, but that will get better soon!

Olivia said...

Thank you:)

Olivia said...

Thank you! I want to record this pregnancy as diligently as I did the first 2! Really hoping to stick with it!

Olivia said...

Thank you so much!! And congrats on your second baby!! Please leave me a link to your blog so that I can come see your new little one and wish you well! And we'll find out next month if our theory about the different pregnancy symptoms is true:)

Olivia said...

I'm trying really hard to document this little one as well as I did the first two. I'm sure there will be weeks where I slack off but I'm going to try really hard! Can't wait to see yall, let's plan something soon!

Olivia said...

Thank you! I get pretty big when I'm pregnant what with the 9-10 pound babies and all and people always give me those comments like "Are you having twins?" or "Are you sure you're not further along?". Nope, I just have a fierce bump!

Bianca said...

Sure! I'm on instagram as @highfallsmama (we already follow each other) and my blog is

Vanessa said...

Aw, you have the cutest little bump!